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100 Best Quotes from “Extraction 2”

Extraction 2 is a long sequel that takes adrenaline-fueled action to a new level. Tyler Rake played by Chris Hemsworth returns from a mission in critical condition.

Regardless of his tribulations, he agrees to complete another mission, a mission more dangerous and life-threatening than ever before.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Extraction 2 that demonstrate the relentless pursuit an individual will endure to seek revenge.

1. “I’m not giving up on him.”

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2.
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

2. “Or what? You’ll run over my foot?”

3. “Really excited about this next chapter of my life.”

4. “Believe it or not, it’s pretty difficult to let someone you care about die.”

5. “Walk with me, would you?”

6. “Your brother threw a DEA agent off a roof.”

7. “One of our prize bulls is sick.”

8. “I mean, you could go on hikes, learn to knit. You know, try to reach mindfulness.”

9. “Your entire life fits in one little box. Maybe it’s time to change that.”

10. “I wouldn’t let ‘em eat you mate.”

Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili as Nina, Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan, Andro Jafaridze as Sandro and Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

11. “See, if you are Rake then you are the myth of Mumbai. The legend that got the journalist out of Congo, took down the two gangs to save the mayor of Rio. The honor would be all mine. But I have to say mate, you’re not living up to the hype.”

12. “That’s why you don’t have any friends.”

13. “Is that dog wearing a Valentino shirt?”

14. “Call themselves the Nagazi. It means shepherd, apparently.”

15. “I have tickets to the game tomorrow.”

16. “Yeah, hey, Nik. So listen, the whole retirement thing is not gonna work out.”

17. “Haven’t you heard Nik? I’m a bit of a legend now.”

18. “I think being in a coma must have messed with your memory. I tell you what the job is and when and how you do it.”

19. “You know my hands are super sweaty lately. I don’t like it. Probably, have low blood sugar.”

20. “I saw it on TikTok.”

Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan and Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

21. “They don’t want to sleep in the cold, they shouldn’t kill people for a living.”

22. “Phoenix is at Alpha. Teams two and three standing by.”

23. “Yeah, well, he’s about to be terrified.”

24. “Roger, moving.”

25. “Not through it, there must be another way.”

26. “The words have been out for a while.”

27. “They must know about Davit.”

28. “Is that supposed to be funny?”

29. “Yaz, get us a med kit.”

30. “Where’s my father?”

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake and Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

31. “Better than him.”

32. “Yaz, secure the family. We got no brakes.”

33. “Someone wanted revenge. With your brother, that’s no shortlist.”

34. “This wasn’t revenge. This was something else.”

35. “Cover me.”

36. “You fight for your brother till your last drop of blood.”

37. “Uncle…it’s me. Sandro.”

38. “You’re a Nagazi. Be your father’s son.”

39. “It’s the most awful thing a parent can endure, watching a child die.”

40. “I don’t need your apology. I need your trust.”

Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan and Adam Bessa as Yaz in Extraction 2.
Cr: Netflix © 2023

41. “I can’t imagine what it must have taken to raise good kids surrounded by those men. But you survived. You kept your kids from harm.”

42. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

43. “You think what you do is good. You think you saved me? That you’re some hero?”

44. “Doesn’t really matter what I think. People pay me to do things they can’t.”

45. “No, what your mother did was risk everything to protect you and your sister. Save you from that prison that your father put you in.”

46. “You are my brothers. My life is yours.”

47. “You’re throwing their lives away. This path doesn’t end well.”

48. “Last thing my kid remembers is me walking out on ‘em.”

49. “So you can be there for her like she was for you. Or let your father’s lies consume you?”

50. “Oh, kid, what did you do?”

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, Andro Jafaridze as Sandro, Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili as Nina and Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan in Extraction 2.
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

51. “I am your family. Nina is your family!”

52. “Your mother did all this to protect you. Come back.”

53. “Come back to us, boy.”

54. “Force them back into the building.”

55. “Do we have permission to engage.”

56. “We’ll clear out, and all get matching shirts. Cool?”

57. “And wear them this time.”

58. “I’m so sorry I dragged you into this.”

59. “We’ll get you out of here, okay? Gonna get you back to your sister.”

60. “If you wanted her alive, you shouldn’t have called.”

 Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili as Nina, Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan and Andro Jafaridze as Sandro
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

61. “Yeah, get in line.”

62. “You must really care for this woman.”

63. “Now you know how it feels to lose someone you love.”

64. “Do you trust me?”

65. “Get the family.”

66. “Get us up Nik. Get us up.”

67. “Yaz, look at me, buddy. Eyes on me. Okay, you stay with me, buddy. I got you!”

68. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

69. “We lost ten Nagazi today. Good soldiers.”

70. “Be an example to Sandro. You’re no good to him dead, or rotting in Australian prison.”

EXTRACTION 2 - Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake.
Cr: Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

71. “How can I be an example to Sandro, if I run away?”

72. “Let’s ask God.”

73. “Fear not, for I’m with you.”

74. “The Lord is near to the broken-hearted.”

75. “But now you only hear your rage.”

76. “I always knew there was a bullet waiting for me, but not from your gun.”

77. “Aunt Mia’s going to take us somewhere safe. Okay?”

78. “Look, if I had anyone else to ask, I would have.”

79. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I didn’t stay. I should have… should have been there for you, for him.”

80. “You’re right I don’t wanna hear it.”

Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan and Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2.
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2023

81. “We needed you.”

82. “I couldn’t fix it. I couldn’t fix it.”

83. “I’m standing here, staring at my plane but I can’t get on it because I could never live my life knowing you’re still around.”

84. “Why don’t you tell me where you are, and we can finish what we started.”

85. “I’m not coming to negotiate.”

86. “Come. You want the boy here he is.”

87. “This is between me and you. Let him go.”

88. “He’s just a kid.”

89. “Doubt me. Pull the trigger, consume yourself in a lifetime of guilt.”

90. “Life is slowly draining from your body.”

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake 
Cr. Jasin Boland/Netflix © 2021

91. “You’re a coward.” 

92. “Coward is killing an unarmed man in the bowels of a prison.”

93. “Put the gun down. Or you can exact retribution for your brother, but it will be at the cost of his life right now.”

94. “Nik, the boy.”

95. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.”

96. “If you go to my cabin in the third floorboard back from the fireplace, there’s a million in cash. You can give it to them.”

97. Thank you, Mia. I know, I never said that. I never said, Thank you for doing what I… couldn’t.”

98. “His last image of you wasn’t you walking out on him. It was you going off to save people.

99. “He said, ‘I want to be brave like Dad’. That’s how he saw you.”

100. “Rake. That’s such a fun name to say.”

The intricate plot and battle for survival in Extraction 2 will keep anyone hooked from start to finish, especially when it involves Chris Hemsworth.

Will Tyler and Nik accept another mission to get out of the constraints of prison?

Watch the sequel to the blockbuster film on Netflix!

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