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100+ Best Quotes From Frybread Face And Me

These quotes from Frybread Face and Me help to capture both the drama and the fun of this film. The movie portrays an array of family dynamics that will make you come to care about every character you come across.

This film follows a young Navajo boy named Benny who is sent to live with his grandmother out in Arizona for the summer. At first, he despises his situation, but overtime he comes to learn more about his family.

We hope you enjoy these quotes from Frybread Face and Me.

Frybread Face And Me Quotes That Will Stick With You

A woman is gently placing a boy's hat on his head.
  1. “My grandmother once told me, in Navajo storytelling symbols mean more than facts.”
  2. “Being Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo, my family stuck out.”
  3. “And for me, age 11, sticking out was something I was good at.”
  4. “Mom and I would dress up like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and dance around the house when Dad wasn’t home.”
  5. “And if you think no one does dysfunction like Fleetwood Mac, you haven’t met my family.”
  6. “Crystal!”
  7. “War is hell.”
  8. “You’re gonna spend the summer with your grandma.”
  9. “Devil music.”
  10. “Stevie Nicks is a witch.”
  11. “You said if I saved my money, I could go.”
  12. “And this is how my summer began.”
  13. “You’re ruining my life!”
  14. “You wanna go back? You just got here.”
  15. “I bought you some lemons for you to suck on.”
  16. “Mom always said, stay in school or you’ll end up like your Aunt Lucy.”
  17. “Just give me the cash.”
  18. “Beauty queens and bull riders.”
  19. “My grandmother always spoke to me as if I understood her.”
  20. “I’m just Benny.”
  21. (In Navajo) “Dropping the baby off, again?”
  22. “You say wanna learn how to ride, now’s your chance.”
  23. “City Indian. You can’t even stay on a bull for two seconds.”
  24. (In Navajo) “He’s still here?”
  25. (In Navajo) “This is also your home. This is why you come to stay here.”
  26. (In Navajo) “That is what we are told about the loom.”
  27. “Why do you play with dolls?”
  28. “I am a Salt Clan.”
  29. “You live over there with Shamu?”
  30. “You’re a liar.”
  31. “I just need 39 dollars and a ride to Winslow.”
  32. “That guy. He does not live in Hozho.”
  33. “I didn’t put on my hiking shoes.”
  34. “You’re weird.”
  35. “We’re herding sheep, not visiting the medicine man.”
  36. “A woman with hairy underarms.”
  37. “Because I’m not a lesbian.”
  38. “She has big, red hair and her face looks like a goat.”
  39. “Mick Fleetwood is the best drummer in the world.”
  40. “Clearly you’ve never been to a powwow before.”
  41. “She says your teeth are white like snow.”
  42. “Marvin has bad credit at the video store.”
  43. “The only movie we have is Starman and it has a late fee from last Christmas.”
  44. “There’s work around here, not a vacation.”
  45. “You and your bad credit.”
  46. “What’s wrong? You don’t eat mutton?”
  47. “Sorry there’s not a Chuck E. Cheese around.”
  48. (In Navajo) “There is no reason to watch this. This movie made no sense.”
  49. “I had a dream that night.”
  50. “You know, if you told them you ran away and you’re going back home, they’ll give you a free ride.”
  51. “Hozho, dummy. It’s not a place. In Navajo it means harmony.”
  52. “You’re scared of mutton, but you’re not scared to go alone?”
  53. “Because I made it that way.”
  54. “Because they don’t allow city boys back there, you might get hurt.”
  55. “Hey Marvin, you should try barrel racing!”
  56. “He’s gonna need a blender.”
  57. “I’m gonna cook Enya for lunch if you don’t help me, girl.”
  58. “Uncle Roger has big balls. His pants are too tight.”
  59. (In Navajo) “All I’m hearing is Rodger’s name. Stop talking about him.”
  60. “If it isn’t Frybread Face. And California, here I come Benny.”
  61. “Like the store?”
  62. “Shouldn’t your baby be talking by now?”
  63. “My dad said I started talking at 10 months.”
  64. “My dad said you had your tubes tied.”
  65. “I didn’t know you could support a family by consistently placing last at the rodeo.”
  66. “Now you have to cook for the celebration of its first laugh.”
  67. “A sheep is missing.”
  68. “We all have our family cheekbones. Well, maybe not Marvin.”
  69. “Grandma says if you go too far on the white man’s paved road, you’ll lose your way.”
  70. “Hair is our memory. It represents that we’re part of our people.”
  71. “Do you like being called Frybread Face?”
  72. “Frybread, it’s round and it’s greasy. What do you think?”
  73. “But it sure is good.”
  74. “This coffee tastes nasty.”
  75. “You’re only here because your parents wanted you to become a man.”
  76. “That’s not true. His mom left his dad. They’re divorcing!”
  77. “He’s threatened by you. I know, I’ve seen it before.”
  78. “Probably the last in our bloodline to herd sheep.”
  79. “Maybe he’s still trying to figure it out himself.”
  80. “I hate this doll.”
  81. “If your mom made it, wouldn’t you carry it around too?”
  82. “Come on, Shamu. We’ve got things to do.”
  83. “Oh my gosh, Shamu, just press the gas!”
  84. “Oh my gosh, my water would have broke if I was pregnant.”
  85. (In Navajo ) “It is called the Weaver’s Path Out. It’s like a doorway, like the opening of your thoughts.”
  86. (In Navajo) “Tell your cousin this. He does not understand my words.”
  87. (In Navajo) “From the stories told to us a long time ago, our hair was never to be cut.”
  88. “In my dream that night, my grandma and I spoke to each other in Navajo. And I understood her, I spoke it.”
  89. “She was covered in oil, just a puppy.”
  90. “Victor, Sharon, Lucy and I.”
  91. “But that day, I thought of something different.”
  92. “Grandma would say, ‘Treat your car like your horse. It gets you places.’”
  93. “I knew Marvin had a complicated relationship with this horse.”
  94. “Isn’t this better than a Fleetwood Mac concert?”
  95. “You are Miss Navajo.”
  96. “Be somebody. Or be somebody’s fool.”
  97. “Mr. T speaks the truth.”
  98. “Bye, Aunt Sharon! You Navajo Ronald McDonald!”
  99. “Bye Uncle Big balls!”
  100. “Bye, Lesbian!”
  101. “Bye, Auntie Lucy.”
  102. “One Spam and potato special.”
  103. “Don’t you know how much better it is for you to be here, dummy?”
  104. “As a kid, you think everything will be in its place when you return.”
  105. “You’re a terrible driver and you don’t eat mutton.”
  106. “Shimasani.”
  107. “The last time I saw her, I took both her hands, just like that dream.”

A decent portion of the film’s dialogue is in Navajo. For the sake of the article, the quotes are mostly pulled from the English subtitles. The ones that are spoken in Navajo are marked as such.

For the full experience, be sure to check out the film on Netflix.

Explore the best quotes from the coming of age story: Frybread Face and Me.

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