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In Orion and the Dark, directed by Sean Charmatz, an eleven-year-old boy named Orion is terrified of the dark based on the fictional novel by Emma Yarlett.

One night, however, when Orion is visited by the dark, he discovers it is not as scary as he imagined. Orion learns to accept the darkness as his friend through his adventures.

orion confronting his fears in the dark
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Best Quotes from Orion and the Dark to Inspire You

  1. “I’m a kid, just like you, so we have that in common.”
  2. “Not just girls in general, it’s most things, to be candid.” 
  3. “Raising my hand so she won’t call on me is a dangerous strategy.”
  4. I’m not a real big fan of Lisa, but to be fair, there are a lot of things I’m not a big fan of murderous gutter clowns are high on my list.
  5. “I’m afraid of locker room, because A, what sane person isn’t. “
  6. “If I weren’t so scared I would tell you that’s my property, that I put my heart into it and that you had no right to grab it from me.”
  7. “This cartoon is completely unrealistic, Recyclable items do not have eyes or personalities; they do not go on adventures I don’t appreciate being condescended to.”
  8. “I try to imagine what death is like I’ve concluded it’s like nothing, I try to imagine nothing this is black and silent, not nothing, Blackness and silence is something, nothing is perhaps the one unimaginable thing.”
  9. “If you want to spend the rest of your life paralyzed fear, be my guest, but that’s on you.”
  10. “You are familiar with the concept of fun are you not, fun is just a word people made up to make danger sound more appealing.”
  11. Is this your latest attempt at trying to convince the world that you’re not so bad?”
  12. They called me night enemy number one and said I ruined their job.
  13. Creating a dream is a very delicate art, that means anything you say, or even think, could influence the dream.
  14. “It wasn’t a complete disaster, you know why, because you looked your fears in the eye and showed them what’s what.”
  15. I guess I’m afraid that everyone is right about me, that I’m not a good guy, and I’m just as scary as everyone says.
  16. “Every day, I bring brightness and hope to the world, and you bring the exact opposite.
  17. “We could be in the night, like Orion and dark.”
  18. “Whatever problem the character has, it all gets fixed, and then they don’t have to worry about it anymore.”
  19. “Orion meets dark, darks not so bad, Orion isn’t afraid of him anymore then there’s dance party.”
  20. I’m talking about how much I love ice cream; doesn’t mean I don’t love French fries.”
  21. “I wish you could all experience daylight.”
  22. These visible patterns amongst the stars came to be known as constellations looking over various ancient depictions of the night sky.”
  23. “We start to recognize; we’re looking at a ceiling it’s a really good illusion though and highly educational.”
  24. We should be able to look at the real sky at night, they build a city that blocks out the stars, then they put up fake stars to look at?
  25. “I really think the planetarium is cool, really cool, it’s a cool place to work.”
  26. I always wondered if we would be friends if we were the same age.
  27. “Which to me, looks less like a hunter and more like a robot waiting for a hug.”
  28. Without night people won’t be able to sleep, and without sleep everyone’s going to go crazy.
  29. And something else neither night nor day, maybe everyone cheers, hooray, but I miss the night because it’s like me and when it is dark is when I best se. Maybe the world has become too bright.”
  30. “Too loud, too selfish, and ready to fight.”
  31. “And the one that is quiet never gets heard, and the ones that are awkward dismissed as mere nerds.”
  32. “I got to admit, this is starting to undermine my confidence a little.”
  33. “I once thought quietly about the absence of sound, but learned it’s the space where small sounds can be found.” 
  34. “I once thought dark was the absence of light, but it is the place where starlight is bright.”
  35. “The quiet, the dark, the dreams once embraced me, they let me feel safe in a world that erased me.”
  36. “Now that it’s gone, I miss the night, now that the only thing left is light.”
  37. We need to bring the night back to the world.
  38. If you die in the dream, you die in real life.”
  39. “Maybe it’s not such a good idea to put the fate of the world, in the hands of an 11-year-old kid with severe performance anxiety.”
  40. “We’re gonna have to go deep, into the darkest recesses of his mind.”
  41. “I can’t just jump in there, what’s gonna happen?”
  42. “We always want to know the ending, because it makes things less scary in the middle parts.”
  43. “Maybe being scared is just a part of life.”
  44. “I think you just need to feel the fear.”
  45. “If we don’t do something, they’re both going to.”
  46. Get torn into a million tiny pieces and die?
  47. “Being with you, somehow, it makes the horror of the unknown less horrible.”
  48. You read an article about how sleep stunts your growth!
  49. “How you see yourself is through the eyes of others you know?”
  50. “We can’t just drop you off in New York 20 years before you were born.” 
  51. “How did you get back here in the first place?” 
  52. “This is terrible, maybe my parents can adopt you.”
  53. “Coming back to get you has released interdimensional time monsters, and we have to stop them before they multiply and destroy history!
  54. I guess I have grown up a little bit.”
  55. Then I piloted the time machine module all the way back here, killed the time monsters and climbed back in bed.
  56. “I saw you sitting there by yourself and thought maybe you’d like some company.”
  57. “I know I would. So that’s why I’m walking up to you right now and walking right past you.”
  58. “I’m afraid. Afraid of what, you want to know? So much, really.”
  59. “But in this case, rejection, humiliation, that you might tell your friends, and they would all laugh at me.”
  60. “What if I end up having to sit next to Sally at the planetarium, and our hands touch? I’ll have a panic attack. It’ll become a running joke around the school.
  61. The trick is not to let your fear get in the way of living your life.”
  62. “Sometimes, you just have to feel the fear and do it anyway.”
  63. “Curse you, darkness! What cruel aberrations hide within your inky cloak of.”
  64. “You know, there are a lot of people that are scared of me. But you, you’re on a whole different level. Of all the kids who are terrified of the dark, you are by far the loudest, the most obnoxious, and frankly, the most hurtful. And that’s no small feat.”
  65. I even made a little movie about myself. You know, to offer a different perspective on darkness. It’s kind of a passion project.”
  66. “I’m just a regular guy trying to do my job. But people always pick on me. Truth is, almost everyone is scared of me. Or hates me. Or thinks I’m evil. Some people think I’m nothing.”
  67. I just wish people would give me a chance.
  68. ”I think I’ve got a way to fix this. You come watch me do my job for one night, and you’ll finally see that I’m nothing to be afraid of. You’ll learn to appreciate the beauty of the night, instead of being so terrified all the time.
  69. I once thought quiet the absence of sound, but learned it’s the space where small sounds can be found.
  70. “If you want to spend the rest of your life paralyzed by fear, be my guest, but that’s on you.”
  71. “All I’m saying is that fear of the dark is natural. It’s hardwired in us, so there’s nothing we can do about it.”
  72. “I’m going to get you to overcome your fears if it kills me! And I’m immortal, by the way, so I’ve got all the time in the world.”
  73. “I thought we’d start with a little tour of what I like to call, “the virtues of night.”
  74. “You’re allergic to living.”
  75. “You are familiar with the concept of ‘fun,’ are you not?”
  76. “Buckle up and hold on to your hat because your mind is about to be blown.”
  77. “We got off to a little bit of a shaky start with the whole ‘dropping you and almost killing you’ thing. But we can’t dwell on that because we’ve got a lot of work to do.”
  78. “Allow me to introduce you to the other Night Entities. There’s Sleep. Quiet. Insomnia. Unexplained Noises. And, of course, the most creative and poetic of us all, Sweet Dreams.”
  79. “Is this your latest attempt at trying to convince the world that you’re not so bad?”
  80. Helping random children to boost your fragile self-esteem is not in our job description!
  81. “Do you have any idea how many things could go wrong? I mean, what if he freaks out, and slows you down, and you know who finally catches up, and you get obliterated, and the concept of darkness ceases to exist, and the fabric of the universe is permanently and irreparably altered?”
  82. “I’ve been doing this job for thousands of years. I think I know what I’m doing, kid. And these lips are clean!”
  83. “It wasn’t a complete disaster. You know why? Because you looked your fears in the eye and showed them what’s what!”
  84. It did kind of have an air of mortal desperation. But that doesn’t make it any less impressive!”
  85. “I knew you’d start warming up to me. Hold on, aren’t you too young to have a daughter?”
  86. “I guess I’m afraid that everyone’s right about me. That I’m not a good guy, and I’m just as scary as everyone says.”
  87. “It’s always the same routine with you, man. I show up, you feel inadequate, then you start to project your insecurities onto me. Every day, I bring brightness and hope to.
  88. “Jumping to worst case scenarios is my actual job.”
  89. “Some people might say that you’re not as pretty and vibrant as Day. But so, what? Because, ultimately, the thing that makes the vibrancy of Day exist is its exact opposite, dark and empty.
  90. “There’s nothing left of the night but me. This isn’t night anymore. It looks like nothing now. It sounds like nothing. And tomorrow, even you’re gone. So, I just fly around by myself forever?”
  91. “Now that it’s gone, I miss the night. Now the only thing left is light.”
  92. “I miss the night because it’s like me. And when it is dark is when I best see. Maybe the world has become too bright, too loud, too selfish, and ready to fight.”
  93. “The Quiet, the Dark, the Dreams once embraced me, they let me feel safe in a world that erased me. Now that it’s gone, I miss the night. Now that the only thing left is light.”
  94. “I’ve got tricks too, you know. But unlike some of us, I like to leave a little to the imagination, instead of rubbing it in everyone’s face.”
  95. “I wish you could all experience daylight!”
  96. “That’s saying you wish everyone could experience me not being around.”
  97. Then you won’t mind unsaying it to the rest of the team, in a touching, heartfelt speech.
  98. “We all need to feel seen and heard.”
  99. “Come on. You can’t be in the light. You can’t be where you’re not. You’ll disappear.”
  100. “So, you see, if you think about it that way, you are the wind beneath Day’s Wings.”

           In short, this comedic adventure is truly a gem that resonates with everyone. After discovering the darkness is not as frightening as he once believed, Orion embarks on a journey of discovery.

With charming illustrations and a heartwarming storyline, this book and movie teaches children about overcoming fears and finding courage in unexpected places.

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