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100+ Best Quotes from The Brothers Sun

If you’re looking to watch The Brothers Sun, here are the best quotes from the series!

After his older brother, Charles Sun, visits Los Angeles from Taipei, Bruce Sun’s life is turned upside down. His brother, a hardened criminal raised by his crime boss father, has no recollection of his past in Taipei.

As a result of an attempted assassination on his father, Charles must move to Los Angeles to ensure his family’s safety. When his estranged mother moves with him to California, Bruce discovers she is creating a new life away from her family.

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Best Quotes from The Brothers Sun

  1. “People change over the course of years or over the course of days. The first kind sticks, the second one is just what it feels like to be on vacation.”
  2. “You think you can infiltrate my crew? Who are you working for?”
  3. “For you! I mean, I do some driving for Lyft, but I think we’re considered independent contractors…”
  4. “You’re a rebel if she knows about it. If she doesn’t, you’re just a liar.”
  5. “Seize the day. Decide your path. Live in the moment.”
  6. I like the idea of something totally new created by very talented people who are risking everything to make this world a happier place.
  7. “In my line of work, traditions and respect are important. We’re surrounded by murderers and thieves. Without a code of conduct, there’s chaos. Chaos is bad for business.”
  8. “You went to help your brother because you’re a good boy who cares about his family, and that means sometimes you would do the same thing a killer would do, but for different reasons.”
  9. “I never met anyone who hated losing as much as you. It’s kind of a shame, you are becoming a cop.”
  10. “The law is on the losing side. Always.”
  11. “A single Triad is like a hornets’ nest. You can wipe one out, but unless you know where every nest is, there will always be more hornets.”
  12. “Anything good that’s been accomplished in this world happened because an ambitious person made it happen.”
  13. “My reputation helps prevent violence.”
  14. “Guess you forgot to pack your reputation on this trip?”
  15. “A child doesn’t have to know everything about their parents.”
  16. “You go anywhere near Bruce, there will be nowhere on Earth you will be safe again.”
  17. “We can’t jump to conclusions. There is always more than what first appears.”
  18. “Always consider the most complicated possibility, then work your way back to the most obvious answer. Then you will never be surprised.”
  19. “We gotta get rid of the body. Bruce, go to bed. You got a test tomorrow.”
  20. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold… Dad’s rich? And I’m here driving a Lyft?”
  21. “We were trying to keep you safe.”
  22. “The less you know, the better. “
  23. “It’s a duty as a soon to look after the family, it’s about time you stopped thinking only about yourself. “
  24. “I could protect my family, as a doctor. “
  25. “If you don’t respect it, it means you can’t be trusted.”
  26. “You’re here to collect evidence. I’m here to make a case.”
  27. “The one thing that hasn’t changed is that secrecy is our strength.”
  28. “Like father, like sun.”
  29. “In acting, you need to understand your character ‘s motivation.“
  30. “The oldest always gets the most respect and least love.”
  31. “You need to decide who you are.”
  32. Your eyes have been opened, but you need to open them wider.
  33. “Protecting the family is everything.”
  34. “The job is the job, and it needs to be done right way no matter what. “
  35. “Don’t try to analyze me when you don’t have a life outside your job.”
  36. If you wanna survive in this life, all you can ever feel is anger or nothing at all.”
  37. “Feeling nothing, it’s like anesthesia. You still being hurt even if you don’t feel the pain.”
  38. “You are not used to being around people who care about you.”
  39. “You ever noticed that being friends with you is bad for people’s health.”
  40. “When the parents are away, children will play. “
  41. “Knowing what someone’s parents’ jobs are, can tell you a lot about them.”
  42. “I wanna be a good sun, but I wish my family would let me take the lead for once.”
  43. May insisted we had hobbies. She made me take lessons.”
  44. “Enjoy your time with people you care about.”
  45. Dad was proud, but I couldn’t sleep.”
  46. “I’m Chairleg Sun, ruthless defender of the jade dragons, that’s my destiny.“
  47. “Pretending to like me when you have been manipulating me and my entire family this whole time. “
  48. “If Charles sun the firstborn, recognizing me as the head of the sun family and worthy dragon head, then the others will fall in line. “
  49. “We have known each other for two minutes, don’t act like you know me.”
  50. “I know you enough to know that you have changed since you got here. “
  51. “If we stay on this path, we are all going to die.“
  52. “You do what needs to be done for family.”
  53. “Ba has given us orders. Whether we like it or not, that’s what are gonna do.”
  54. “This is for the best, mom, at least now you and I can go back to our normal regular lives.”
  55. “We are nothing alike.“
  56. “You think I’m weak.”
  57. “Not weak, just good. And good makes you predictable.“
  58. “Always so sweet Bruce, I understand but I’m sorry, it’s just not up to you.“
  59. “You may be two steps ahead of the world, but I will always be one step ahead of you. “
  60. “Da sun.“
  61. You are welcome to our home if you can behave.”
  62. “My brother once said I need to set up for the family, so I’m trying to protect them from themselves.”
  63. “I need them to see that there’s another way to live their lives. “
  64. “One way or another, this has to end. “
  65. “If I don’t do it, then it’s a certainty I will lose him forever. “
  66. “Today it’s the 8th. It’s the lucky number in Chinese culture. “
  67. “You guys are the only family that I have. “
  68. “What I’m about to do is way dangerous.”
  69. I wonder if they’re still alive to come after us.”
  70. “Why do you think they would help you after what you have done?”
  71. “You told the Boxers about the meeting. How could you, your brother, your father, your blood be there? I was there.”
  72. “All you had to do was have a dinner at the hotel and wait, and you couldn’t even do that?”
  73. “You get overwhelmed trying to get your Alexa to play music.”
  74. “You always make me drive at night because you got a lot.”
  75. “You bought six pasta strainers because they were on sale. We never eat pasta!”
  76. You are not a crime boss; you are my mom. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to that? “
  77. “I left everything behind for you. I scrubbed the toilets so we can eat.. “
  78. “Skipped meals so you can have a backpack like the other kids. “
  79. “Not once did anybody ask me what I wanted! I want what is mine, Bruce!”
  80. “I want what I have earned.“
  81. “This is going to lead to decades of therapy.”
  82. “I can’t kill you, and if I don’t, I can’t go back to Ba.”
  83. “The boxers could have killed everyone if the police didn’t show up.“
  84. “I understand what means to have brother, I understand that I would do anything to protect you.”
  85. “A killer is only born when he tastes blood for the first time.”
  86. “I can’t just leave; I have to tell him face to face.”
  87. “The only power he has right now is the power you gave him.“
  88. Without history and rules none of it has meaning.“
  89. “None of it has meaning anyway.”
  90. “In one day, all of that history was shot to hell, we aren’t an idea.
  91. “We are just gangs of men fighting over property. “
  92. “The only thing you are leaving is this country, it’s made you soft.”
  93. “You act like you try help people, but you’re in it for the power.”
  94. “You are just a gangster with a badge.”
  95. “I don’t pretend to be a good person, but I have never lied to you.”
  96. “I chose to be a man to protect the family.
  97. “Neither of us are who our parents thought we were.“
  98. “I know you better than you think.”
  99. “I thought we knew each other when we were younger.”
  100. “The good guys are winning.”

With a superb cast including Michelle Yeoh, The Brothers Sun is an unexpected hit with the perfect amount of fighting sequences and comedic quotes. If you love family drama with unpredictable twists and a bit of violence, this series might be your next watch!

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