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80+ Best Quotes from the Netflix Movie, LIFT

LIFT is a Netflix movie that features comedy and chaotic action with eye-opening quotes.

This movie is about a terrorist who is flying 500 million dollars in gold from London to Zurich.

Interpol enlists a professional thief (Kevin Hart) and his crew to steal the gold midflight to prevent a terrorist attack from happening. 

Cyrus (Kevin Hart) and his crew are about to do the biggest and most challenging heist of his career; pulling together a group of thieves to prevent the world from ending.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from the Netflix movie, LIFT!

Best Quotes from LIFT That are Funny and Inspiring

Viveik Kalra, Kevin Hart in Lift
Cr. Matt Towers/Netflix © 2023
  1. “Leonardo da Vinci sold the Mona Lisa for $25,000, and nobody gave a shit about it for 400 years until someone stole it.” 
  2. “20 years is life.” 
  3. “It’s not emotional blackmail, its blackmail.” 
  4. “The rules were already broken for someone like me.” 
  5. “We should all dream big.” 
  6. “Find the weakness, do the job, and get out.” 
  7. “I would never lift from anyone that doesn’t deserve to lose it.”
  8. “We’re not hijacking the plane, we’re borrowing it.” 
  9. “Ball so hard, ball so hard.” 
  10. “Someone give me a hug.” 
  11. “Comprende, homeboy?”
  12. “You know how much I like risk.” 
  13. “What’s not to love? How long did it take you? A week?” 
  14. “Tomorrow is the biggest lift of our lives.” 
  15. “Are you nervous? Right now? Every second of it.” 
  16. “I know someone. He’s a piece of shit.”
  17. “Stop begging. It’ll just make him more inclined to violence.” 
  18. “You better get your boy.”
  19. “They’ll sacrifice anyone to make a profit.”
  20. “Sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out.” 
  21. “You stole art, Cyrus; you didn’t make it.” 
  22. “He’s a thief, a conman, and a professional liar. You can’t trust him.” 
  23. “Get me a line to NATO. I’ll tell them we have an unidentified jet that’s a terrorist threat, we need to shoot them down.” 
  24. “We know where your money is. And we can make it all disappear in seconds. Thats why we only deal with gold. Unhackable. Untraceable.” 
  25. “There is your gold, right on time.” 
  26. “Bang. Bang.”
  27. “I’m loving every second of this.” 
  28. “That was a clean shot through your leg, so you can still type on the computer. Next one, no more tying.”
  29. “Enjoy prison.” 
  30. “You need a lift.” 
  31. “You know, I didn’t trust Huxley.” 
  32. “You were obviously right about that.”
  33. “But I always trusted you. That was never a question.” 
  34. “I don’t want to lose you again.”
  35. “Homeboy? Got nothing.”
  36. “Does it always feel this good?”
  37. “It’s never been this good.” 
  38. “Dispose of him.”
  39. “I don’t do guns.” 
  40. “Showtime.” 
  41. “She’s not done.” 
  42. “Shoot it down.” 
  43. “Look for the nearest exit.”
  44. “Stop talking.” 
  45. “Sorry about the nose, we’re cool right?” 
  46. “You should probably call a doctor.” 
  47. “There are civilians on board.” 
  48. “Weapons hot.”
  49. “Land the damn plane.”  
  50. “Hit the remote.” 
  51. “Pull up. Pull up.” 
  52. “Pull up with everything you have.” 
  53. “All art depends on the artist.” 
  54. “To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure you were going to make it.” 
  55. “It was Huxley that stopped them, right?” 
  56. “I didn’t fall in love with the cover, I fell in love with the way you looked at the art.” 
  57. “Losing you that week was the stupidest thing I’ve done, I don’t want to lose you again.” 
  58. “We stole the gold.” 
  59. “Our little fighter pilot.” 
  60. “Come on, I’ll do it.” 
  61. “AKA, you go to jail.” 
  62. “Accept defeat gracefully.” 
  63. When you get beat, what do you do?” 
  64. “No, you, no deal.” 
  65. “I’ve seen you handle much worse.” 
  66. “They really love you.” 
  67. She’s shaking off the stealth modes, isn’t she?” 
  68. “You really should look at your unexamined prejudices, Sandra.” 
  69. “Welcome to Venice.” 
  70. “How does it feel in the hall?” 
  71. “Rich.” 
  72. “My favorite feeling.” 
  73. “Ready? Lift.” 
  74. “You can take your mask off. Come on, you can trust us.” 
  75. “Holy shit, you guys kidnapped me.” 
  76. “My team and I are real lovers of art.” 
  77. “We rescue works of art from undeserving owners.” 
  78. “Let’s make a toast to the world’s first heist of an NFT.” 
  79. “You do not get to come in here and wipe out a year of my work.” 
  80. “That’s literally what I’m doing right now, so take a seat and let it sink in.” 

LIFT is a one-time watch kind of movie. Even though the movie is generic and forgettable, Lift delivers the action but sometimes falls flat when it comes to movie effects.

Compared to other action movies, this has an almost identical trope. However, what’s not to love about a movie featuring Kevin Hart?

best quotes from netflix lift

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