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100+ Best Criminal Code Quotes on Netflix

Packed with undeniable surprises and unexpected developments, Netflix’s latest show, Criminal Code, delivers precisely what fans of crime series crave.

In just eight episodes, Criminal Code maintains a rapid pace, offering a surprising plot twist at every juncture.

Explore a compilation of over 100 captivating quotes from Criminal Code, delving into its gripping narrative.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Criminal Code!

Suspenseful Criminal Code Quotes That Will Make You Binge the Show

Rômulo Braga as Benício, Maeve Jinkins as Suellen at DNA do Crime.
Cr. Guilherme Leporace e Alisson Louback/Netflix © 2023
  1. “It takes time to understand the business of a border.”
  2. “People think borders exist only to separate.”
  3. “Crime. Every kind of crime.”
  4. “This is Highway patrol. Pull over immediately.”
  5. “Pedal to the metal, man.”
  6. “Take a deep breath, you’re fine.”
  7. “Driver, where’s the nearest bus station?”
  8. “Is there a problem?”
  9. “We survived, thank God.”
  10. “Well, if he doesn’t talk, his fingerprints might do it.”
  11. “Congratulations, you contaminated everything.”
  12. “A half-eaten hot dog? That’s all you got?”
  13. “My inspector says your ID is as fake as a three-dollar-bill.”
  14. “They call him Soulless.”
  15. “The guy was right in front of us.”
  16. “I just come here to get nagged.”
  17. “Dozens of men, with war tactics and military grade weapons.”
  18. “It was just another day in jail.”
  19. “We’ve got work in the morning.”
  20. “They took me off the case.”
  21. “Tell me one of you has something solid for me.”
  22. “So far, we have as many as sixty DNA profiles.”
  23. “Today’s arrests are only the beginning.”
  24. “I thought I could solve every problem by working.”
  25. “I just caught a big one.”
  26. “Since when do you kill witnesses for revenge?”
  27. “And no, this is not my first stakeout.”
  28. “That’s our guy.”
  29. “He’ll be discreet.”
  30. “They brought what they believe to be a sample of his DNA.”
  31. “Why don’t we just arrest the guy?”
  32. “There’s our DNA guy!”
  33. “He must have had the patience of a saint.”
  34. “That we’re always police officers.”
  35. “Backup teams are on standby.”
  36. “Even Soulless could be in there right now.”
  37. “I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything bad happens.”
  38. “They called in a team to clean up the evidence.”
  39. “She has to have an operation.”
  40. “Forgive me, I’m sorry.”
  41. “Do you know the difference between a crooked cop and a crooked criminal?”
  42. “30% chance it’s an ambush?”
  43. “I don’t want to give them the opportunity.”
  44. “We’ll get there when they start loading the trucks.”
  45. “Six million? Three in each vehicle.”
  46. “We’re going to go into the bank.”
  47. “Sixteen million to split in the family.”
  48. “We’ll empty them both.”
  49. “Be very careful with the way you handle yourself out there.”
  50. “Shouldn’t I be doing what I’m good at?”
  51. “Let’s take a trip to Paraguay.”
  52. “A pat on the back and everything.”
  53. “There must be something we are missing in the reports.”
  54. “We have already investigated every angle.”
  55. “We’ll call you.”
  56. “They must take them apart.”
  57. “Don’t you have a partner?”
  58. “I find the whole partner thing a little overrated.”
  59. “All the attacks on armored vehicles were near the river.”
  60. “They sink the cars, then finish their escape by boat.”
  61. “You do it because you love it.”
  62. “I’m not convinced.”
  63. “Their escape routes are much more predictable.”
  64. “Then we can catch these guys on the water.”
  65. “If he gets in touch with you, don’t give him any information.”
  66. “In that case, pass me the location.”
  67. “No, I’m going with you.”
  68. “Right, guys, quick and effective.”
  69. “We’re keeping this cash ourselves.”
  70. “They’ll have to swim if they want to catch up to us.”
  71. “Well, it’s in God’s hands now.”
  72. “If they get to the woods, that’s it.”
  73. “Your next job is with that guy over there.”
  74. “A person with such a crazy life, married to a gangster.”
  75. “When did you become more of a skeptic than I am?”
  76. “Not a word. Not even a word.”
  77. “It’s as tacky as I expected.”
  78. “No more squawkin’ from those chickens.”
  79. “She wasn’t that clean, huh?”
  80. “What do we do now?”
  81. “Everyone tells you how to be together. No one tells you how to separate.”
  82. “That’s us moving up in the world.”
  83. “Just wait and see, man.”
  84. “Trust me, man. Trust me.”
  85. “Aren’t you the one who’s gonna solve all this?”
  86. “Maybe they’re expecting some response from the armed forces.”
  87. “They’re getting someone out of there.”
  88. “You’ve got an idea, or you’re praying for one?”
  89. “They’re getting their Messiah out of Tacumbu.”
  90. “Let’s roll out.”
  91. “It’s in motion. Everyone’s paid.”
  92. “More silent than water in a well.”
  93. “It’s a classic, man.”
  94. “They won’t see it.”
  95. “The vehicle containing the package has joined the convoy.”
  96. “Awfully quiet.”
  97. “I’m hungry.”
  98. “Target’s in the fourth car.”
  99. “Tell the team we’re heading your way.”
  100. “Command, we’ve lost two cars.”
  101. “Let’s intercept them.”
  102. “We lost another car.”
  103. “You’re the Ghost, aren’t you?”
  104. “I always honor a deal, brother.”
  105. “I’m very sorry for your loss today, sir.”
  106. “Rest in peace, my friend.”
  107. “It’d be a national case. Enormous.”
  108. “I missed you so much, my girl.”
  109. “Start celebrating without me?”
  110. “How did it go with your son?”
  111. “And one for my partner, please.”
  112. “The very first day we worked together, you called me your partner.”
  113. “Now I am.”

Embark on an enthralling journey through the riveting investigation and captivating storyline woven into the fabric of Criminal Codes.

With its compelling narrative, this Brazilian series offers an immersive experience that caters to diverse preferences.

Whether you yearn for the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced case or prefer the thrill of piecing together clues alongside the skilled investigators, Criminal Codes promises to deliver an intense viewing experience that will keep you thoroughly engaged and on the edge of your seat.

Watch on Netflix now!

Best quotes from the thrilling netflix series criminal code.

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