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50+ Best Quotes from This is Me… Now: A Love Story by Jennifer Lopez

“This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” is Jennifer Lopez’s enchanting musical with beautiful quotes, harmonizing with her latest album of the same name, available for streaming on Amazon.

In this modern-day fable, Lopez portrays the character known as the ‘Artist,’ navigating the complexities of relationships. The tale unfolds as a captivating journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of self-love.

Liberation from past struggles becomes the key to unlocking a path towards an enduring soulmate.

At the culmination, the elusive Prince Charming, subtly revealed with Ben Affleck’s lightly stubbled cleft chin, signifies the beginning of a fairy-tale ending in the contemporary realm of self-validation and love.

Here is the scoop on 50 quotes from this film that help to truly capture this star-crossed lover’s story and not only seal the story of one character but seal a story for everyone.

Best Quotes from “This is Me… Now: A Love Story” Inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Jennifer Lopez lays in bed with her head on her pillow.
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  1. “They tried to hide their romance.”
  2. “Ordered her to marry another.”
  3. “Deep despair.”
  4. “Searching for his true love.”
  5. “Not all love stories have a happy ending.”
  6. “I had never felt anything like that before.”
  7. “You’re such a Taurus.”
  8. “What’s with her and all the bad boys?”
  9. “She seems so strong.”
  10. “She needs some stability.”
  11. “She just can’t see what they mean.”
  12. “The stars hold all the power.”
  13. “You would look hot in bangs.”
  14. “Just get quiet for a while.”
  15. “It’s too soon!”
  16. “Till death do us part.”
  17. “All she cares about is work.”
  18. “A piece of art.”
  19. “You treat me like trash.”
  20. “Being with you feels like home.”
  21. “I don’t think this is going to work.”
  22. “You’ll be back.”
  23. “She’s running out of signs.”
  24. “I hate that I can’t stop watching.”
  25. “That was not cute.”
  26. “She runs right through them.”
  27. “She’s bound to go in circles.”
  28. “Why can’t we lead her just a little bit.”
  29. “That’s what friends are for.”
  30. “Don’t leave.”
  31. “You’re out partying on a random Tuesday.”
  32. “Your need to be in a relationship.”
  33. “We’re not serious.”
  34. “Relationship addict.”
  35. “You write moments in your head.”
  36. “Why does everyone act like that is so crazy?”
  37. “I want to grow old together.”
  38. “They’re just trying to help.”
  39. “I’m not weak.”
  40. “I believe good things happen if your a good person.”
  41. “Everything’s too serious.”
  42. “What’s gonna be different?”
  43. “She’s broken.”
  44. “Please help my girl.”
  45. “I need her to stand up!”
  46. “No one can stop you from being that person.”
  47. “Love addicts anonymous.”
  48. “Always had a restless heart.”
  49. “All my friends told me to slow down.”
  50. “You should spend some time alone.”
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Aligned with the debut of her eponymous album, this narrative-driven odyssey narrates Jennifer Lopez’s personal voyage to love, offering a perspective that unfolds through her own eyes.

“This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” has something to offer for everyone including inspiring quotes and if you’re hungry for a new romantic and interesting story to dive into, check out the film cowritten by Lopez herself streaming now on Prime Video! 

Discover the best quotes from Jennifer Lopez's latest work, "This is Me... Now.

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