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100 Best Quotes from ‘Vinland Saga’

Vinland Saga is a popular anime adapted from the pages of the original manga in 2019 by Makoto Yukimura, who takes influence from the historical Norseman mythos.

The anime style is a refreshing take on Viking and English history, adding suspenseful drama in a world of war and battle.

There are two seasons of the anime already on Netflix with new episodes of the second season still being released in mid-June.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from the first two seasons of Vinland Saga!

vinland saga character poster for season 2
Wit Studio – Mappa

1. “A true leader does not need a crown to be recognized.” – Canute

2. “Strength without justice is meaningless.” – Thors

3. “No one can give you your freedom. You have to take it with your own hands.” – Thors

4. “Those who can’t throw something important away can never hope to change anything.” – Canute

5. “Love and compassion are the most powerful tools for bringing about change.” – Willibald

6. “Only a warrior with no regrets can stand in the center of a battlefield!” – Thors

7. “There are times when the blade must be sheathed to protect what’s truly precious.” – Thors

8. “Faith is not blind obedience. It is the courage to face the unknown.” – Willibald

9. “To truly understand someone, you must listen not only to their words but also to their silence.” – Thors

10. “War is a cycle of hatred that perpetuates itself. We must break that cycle.” – Askeladd

Naoya Uchida in Vinland Saga (2019)
Kit Studio – Mappa

11. “Sometimes, the very things that shouldn’t happen, do. That’s why we need to have faith. Faith in the possibility that things will get better.” – Thors

12. “One does not simply walk away from a life of killing.” – Askeladd

13. “In this world, everyone is a slave to something.” – Askeladd

14. “The people who aren’t afraid to die are the most dangerous.” – Askeladd

15. “People are born weak. They need strength to live. That’s why they try to become strong.” – Thorfinn

16. “It’s so strange isn’t it? That when the moment freedom is in our sight, we’re both so unsure.” – Einar

17. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Leif Erikson

18. “Even in the face of hardship and suffering, we must hold onto hope.” – Willibald

19. “Let’s find out, once and for all if us slaves are really inferior to farmhands like you.” – Einar

20. “There’s nobody in the entire world who deserves to get hurt, nobody in this world.” – Thors

Yûto Uemura as Thorfinn
Kit Studio – Mappa

21. “Einar, I’ve killed so many people with these hands over the years. People like your family. People whose names I didn’t even know. People I’ve never had a grudge against. And yet, I hurt another person.” – Thorfinn

22. “The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance.” – Askeladd

23. “A true warrior doesn’t become who they are by killing people. We try to protect others, even if it costs us our lives.” – Thors

24. “To find meaning in life, one must look beyond violence.” – Thors

25. “The path to righteousness is not always the easiest, but it is the most fulfilling.” – Willibald

26. “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” – Thors

27. “War does not determine who is right. Only who is left.” – Askeladd

28. “Killing a man will change you forever. We leave a piece of ourselves behind.” – Thors

29. “To be strong, you must live through all the pain and suffering that life throws at you and still stand tall.” – Thors

30. “In the pursuit of knowledge, one must be open to questioning and doubt.” – Willibald

Satoshi Hino in Vinland Saga (2019)
Kit Studio – Mappa

31. “You never know what’s waiting for you until you go find it.” – Thors

32. “Only through pain and suffering can we truly appreciate the beauty of life.” – Canute

33. “The difference between a hero and a villain is the amount of damage they do.” – Askeladd

34. “A person who doesn’t care about others is the most terrifying person of all.” – Thors

35. “Even if you’re weak, don’t be afraid of dreams.” – Thors

36. “Victory is determined by the totality of one’s actions.” – Askeladd

37. “Justice will triumph. It always does. It just takes time.” – Thors

38. “A warrior is someone who fights for their dreams.” – Thors

39. “Your father was a great man. He chose a peaceful life over one of violence.” – Thors

40. “I used to make a living by running others through with my sword. But one day, I realized that I’d grown sick of it. To kill or be killed. So I ran away from a life of war.” – Thors

Yûto Uemura in Vinland Saga (2019)
Kit Studio – Mappa

41. “The best way to live a full life is to be a child, no matter how old you get.” – Thors

42. “Sanity, you say? In this accursed world, are there any sane men? Everyone… they’re all the same. Equally ignorant. They have no idea what it takes to love. They don’t understand… the meaning of life and death. They don’t even know why they fight.” – Canute

43. “Being a warrior is what defines you. But then you were given an opportunity to empty yourself of all that. So tell me, what defines you now?” – Askeladd

44. “Some warriors fight not for their own sake, but for others.” – Thors

45. “The mark of a true warrior is not how many battles they’ve won, but how they treat their defeated foes.” – Bjorn

46. “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” – Askeladd

47. “Blood and sweat are the currency of battle.” – Thorkell

48. “Dreams are merely the seeds of betrayal and regret.” – Askeladd

49. “The world is full of idiots who don’t understand anything.” – Thorfinn

50. “Sometimes, it takes a monster to defeat a monster.” – Askeladd

Naoya Uchida and Hiroki Yasumoto in Vinland Saga (2019)
Kit Studio – Mappa

51. “You must carve out your own path. You must not let your father’s wishes determine your life.” – Thors

52. “You won’t accomplish anything just by worrying about your problems.” – Thors

53. “Being empty means anything can fit inside you. If you want to start anew, empty is the way to be.” – Sverkel

54. “A warrior fights not for glory or riches, but for the bonds of brotherhood.” – Bjorn

55. “A warrior doesn’t flee from fear. A warrior faces it head-on.” – Thors

56. “You have the right to want revenge, but you also have the right to forgive.” – Helga

57. “The most dangerous person is the one who can’t be controlled.” – Askeladd

58. “Hatred is born from the ashes of betrayal.” – Thors

59. “There’s no sense in fighting a war you can’t win.” – Askeladd

60. “Killing is not something to be proud of. It’s something that eats away at your soul.” – Thors

Kenshô Ono

61. “Honor is earned through deeds, not words.” – Bjorn

62. “People die when they are forgotten.” – Thors

63. “A true warrior needs both skill and heart.” – Thors

64. “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Askeladd

65. “Do you think it’s possible we could eliminate warfare and slavery from this world?” – Thorfinn

66. “War is a game of life and death. It’s not a game you can win by holding back.” – Thors

67. “If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end.” – Thors

68. “There are times when those with power must use it to protect the powerless.” – Thors

69. “We are all slaves to something.” – Askeladd

70. “The moment people come together, they start to lose their individuality.” – Askeladd

Akio Ôtsuka and Yûto Uemura

71. “We all bear our own sins, no matter what name we call them by.” – Thors

72. “The blade that protects life is called justice.” – Thors

73. “The world is full of men trying to deceive others.” – Askeladd

74. “You can’t run away from your past. No matter how far you go, it will always catch up to you.” – Thors

75. “Life is Fleeting. It’s what you do with the time you have that matters.” – Helga

76. “No matter how strong someone is, there will always be someone stronger.” – Thors

77. “The battle seems to have come to an end. And yet… there’s a problem. The man has lost his sanity. Highness, it would be better if you ran away.” – Willibald

78. “I don’t know anything outside of the battlefield. I don’t even know how to fix a roof, and I can’t do anything. I don’t know where to, go what to do…I’m just empty.” – Thorfinn

79. “A life without purpose is like a ship lost at sea.” – Willibald

80. “True strength is found in forgiveness, not vengeance.” – Willibald

81. “From now on, I’ll never hurt anyone again.” – Thorfinn

Yûto Uemura in Vinland Saga (2019)

82. “In battle, victory goes to the one who can endure the most pain.” – Bjorn

83. “The battlefield is my playground, and war is my game.” – Thorkell

84. “Fear is a weapon that can be turned against your enemies.” – Bjorn

85. “The world is a stage, and we are merely players in a grand drama.” – Leif Erikson

86. “We really turned an entire forest into farmland.” – Thorfinn

87. “Yea! That was the last tree!” – Einar and Thorfinn

88. “What is this place? Is this Valhalla?” – Thorfinn

89. “You’re too calm Thorfin, are you not understanding the situation here?” – Einar

90. “What will you do when you’re free?” – Thorfinn

Kenshô Ono and Yûto Uemura

91. “Warriors don’t have any regrets. We do what we have to do, without hesitation.” – Thorfinn

92. “The greatest fools are those who believe they are untouchable.” – Canute

93. “A true warrior never stops growing, never stops learning.” – Thorfinn

94. “It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about fighting for what you believe in.” – Thorkell

95. “A warrior must never forget the weight of their sword.” – Thorfinn

96. “Sometimes, the blood of innocent people must be spilled in order to protect the ones you love.” – Askeladd

97. “A warrior’s heart should be as calm as still water.” – Thors

98. “Even in the darkest times, there is always a flicker of hope.” – Canute

99. “Norsemen pride themselves on strength, and they will not follow orders from a weak leader.” – Gunnar

Masato Niwa, Tsuguo Mogami, Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Shizuka Ishigami, Yoshiaki Hasegawa, and Taito Ban

100. “Get mad Thorfin! Those farmhands ruined all of our wheat!” – Einar

Vinland Saga is often compared to the popular anime series Berserk in many ways with a strong young boy set in medieval Europe.

Although, Vinland Saga provides a more accurate representation of the Vikings. Creator Makoto Yukimura has cited the series as an inspiration.

What’s your favorite Vinland Saga quote? Is there any scene or quotes missing from the list? Comment below!

vinland saga quotes

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