RA Sushi Offers Seafood for St.Jude

Last week I was invited to RA Sushi to try their new menu benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and I was absolutely blown away. Let me tell you why you will want to stop by.

Eating for a Cause

For 13 years RA Sushi has hosted a week long fundraising event for St.Jude, but now for the first time ever they are extending their fundraiser so you can give your support all year long. Let me just tell you, RA Sushi’s special new menu for their 2018 year long St.Jude fundraiser they are calling “RAckin for Nicky” tastes great and supports a great cause. This special menu consists of 3 items: a Mango Shrimp Roll, ‘RA’ckin Shrimp Tacos, and Coconut Crème Brulee. Every time one of these items is ordered $2.00 is directly donated to St.Jude children’s research hospital. This fundraiser was first started when Nicky, nephew of one of RA Sushi’s founders Rich Howard, lost his battle with pediatric cancer in 2005. This loss deeply impacted the RA Sushi family and inspired the restaurant’s support of St. Jude. To date, RA Sushi has contributed nearly $2 million to St. Jude through their week long fundraiser, but they want to make that number even larger hence the year long extension. I got to try each of the three items on the menu and here’s the scoop on each delicious item.

Mango Shrimp Roll

Now, I am an avid sushi lover, and so I am pretty confident when I can say that this roll is unlike any other. The mango roll contains carb mix, shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber all topped with a thin slice of mango and salmon drizzled with sweet eel sauces. You may think that mango on sushi would be a weird texture/flavor combination (which is exactly what I thought) but after trying this I was all aboard the mango train. The mango slice was so thin that you didn’t really even notice it when biting into the sushi but the flavor it brings is incredible. It isn’t an overwhelming mango flavor but more of a subtle freshness that makes the flavor of this roll as a whole a little more light and summery.

‘RA’ckin Shrimp Tacos

Tacos at a sushi restaurant is definitely something unexpected, but RA does this right. These tacos come as a dish of 3 mini tacos which include a shrimp and asian coleslaw topped guacamole and ginger teriyaki all cradled in a crispy gyoza shell. These tacos are BOMB.I promise they are not like anything you’ve ever tasted before (in a good way). The crunch of the crispy shrimp and shell is balanced by the coleslaw and flavorful guacamole. This dish also has a freshness to it as the guacamole brings a multidimensional flavor. It’s kind of like sushi mixed with mexican flare in a taco shell. SO good!

Coconut Crème Brulee

Ending the meal with dessert is a must, and you can never go wrong with crème brulee. This dish tastes like a traditional crème brulee with just a slight hint of coconut. Even if you aren’t a coconut lover, I still think you would like this dish. The caramelized sugar top is just crunchy enough to balance the custard underneath. Very classic dish with a little twist, but overall still tasty.

I hope that you head over to RA Sushi and try these amazing new dishes while simultaneously supporting St.Jude. I definitely didn’t regret it, and neither will you!

For more information visit here or to make a donation visit here!

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