Reality Mother-Son Duo Tammy and Ed Eason Talk Netflix’s “The Circle”

The Sarah Scoop Show spoke with Netflix’s The Circle stars Tammy and Ed Eason. As the only duo on the show, the mother and son gave and inside scoop on their experience as a family, what filming really was like, and the best part about being on the show. They also shared stories and a whole lot of laughs. Watch the full interview below or listen to the podcast from the live show!

Being on the Show as Mother & Son

Joining the show as mother and son was unexpected by all. However, Tammy and Ed seemed to have really enjoyed their time as a duo on the show, growing their mother-son bond. They kept each other company, got on each other’s nerves, but most importantly made each other laugh.

“Living together 24/7, like I loved the mother-son bond…”

“Ed’s easy going. Obviously he makes me laugh…It’s really good to have that mother-son bond…but you never thought that your sons could be like your best friends, cause you always think the mom-daughter bond…but I am very very blessed. I say it all the time.”

-Tammy Eason

“She didn’t really give good ideas. Whatever she would say I’m like, you sound like a 50 year-old-lady. Like you can’t say that when you are trying to like chat up the chicks.’

-Ed Eason

Check out the podcast from this live show here!

Life After the Show

After they returned from filming, Tammy and Ed seemed to jump right back into their lives before the show. The only difference is being noticed at random in public, and get a crazy amount of DM’s on social media.

“I just jumped back into normal life. I went back to my job, back to hanging out with my friends. Nothing really changed. Just a couple times at the bars, people would say, ‘Your Ed from The Circle,’ and I’d be like yeah that’s me.”

-Ed Eason

“A lot of girls, and guys, if Ed didn’t answer his DMs like they would come to mom and are like ‘Oh like Eddy is so cute. Can you get us a date? He’s not messaging me back’, and I’m like yo, get in line. Like Ed answer your own DMs.”

-Tammy Eason

Staying Connected to the Cast

Tammy and Ed say that everyone from the cast of the show are super close and stay in touch quite often. The show not only provided them with a unique new experience, but also with all new friends and family.

“I feel like we have a new circle of friends and family. I got their back, I support them…A new circle of family.”

“We all wanted to get together but then COVID hit…I told everybody you are welcome at my house, but then like that week, mid-march, like COVID hit so we just had to cancel everything.”

-Tammy Eason

“We got a big group chat. We all talk almost every day pretty much. Everybody’s always chatting in there with everyone.”

-Ed Eason

Keep up with the mother-son duo, Tammy and Ed on Social Media and be sure to watch them on Netflix’s season 1 of The Circle.

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