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Reality Star Kolton Pierce Talks “Marrying Millions” + His Music

Kolton Pierce gained quite a fan base after starring in a Lifetime reality show called Marrying Millions on which he dated Katie Hamilton, the ex-wife of a Texas Rangers baseball player. The show was extremely popular with Lifetime’s audience but had another surge of popularity when the reality show dropped on HULU recently. Though he got his start in the public eye as a laid back guy with beautiful locks, he has so much more to say. Kolton writes, records and produces his own music, and it’s ridiculously good. He’s been working on his craft for years and has recently released his music to the public. His originally written, mixed and mastered songs can be found on all music streaming platforms.

The Sarah Scoop Show was so happy to have Kolton as a guest on the show where he talked about the truth behind reality tv, his new music, and his beloved hair! Check it out:

Reality Television Experience

Everybody wants to know what it’s really like to be on a reality television show. We love that Kolton gave us an inside look at his experience, especially since it was his first time doing a project of that nature. 

“At first it was a little nerve-racking cause I’m not a person that likes cameras in my face, which is odd since I make music and music videos, and stuff like that. Even for a while, it took a little for me to get comfortable with that and whenever I watched the show back I realized from the first scene I was in ’til the end, I ended up getting comfortable with it, but at first it was just weird. I just wasn’t used to it. Other than that it wasn’t too bad. I kinda knew, in a sense, what I was getting into. It’s kinda one of those things where when you’re making music and people say, ‘not everyone’s gonna like your stuff and you’re going to hear hate…you’re just gonna have to ignore it’. It’s just a lot different when it’s actually happening, so it took a little bit for me to get on a grip on how to handle that.'”

– Kolton Pierce

Fans Reaction

We are glad to hear that fans of the show have been kind to Kolton since the show’s release on popular streaming service, HULU. Between his kind personality and his amazing hair, he quickly became a fan favorite. 

“I think they were more critical when it was on Lifetime, but since it’s been on HULU, a lot of people will DM me and ask really any question. A lot of people say like, ‘sorry if this is straightforward’, but it doesn’t really bother me since, you know, I’m pretty open about every aspect of my life anyway. Other than that, people haven’t really been critical towards me. They’ve been pretty supportive.”

– Kolton Pierce

Day-To-Day Life

Though Kolton understands that fans of Marrying Millions think of him as one of the stars of the show, he prefers to be recognized for his music rather than for his time on reality tv.

“It just depends on where I’m at. During the end of the show, I went out to places in Fort Worth and Dallas a little bit more and people started to recognize me. That was kinda weird…so for me, I make music and I want people to recognize me for that. People wanna take pictures or this or that in airports or sometimes I’d be working out at the gym and people wanted to take pictures. That’s cool- I did it with them, but I know they want to take pictures because I was on tv, but personally to me, I didn’t do anything really special.”

– Kolton Pierce

Musical Beginnings

Kolton realized he was a talented musician when he stepped into the studio on a whim, and we are so glad he and his friends recognized his abilities.

“When I was at Texas State, I wanted to play basketball and my knee was really bugging me…I was gonna have surgery on it a couple years later, but at the time I didn’t know, so all the kids I was hanging out with, they wanted to freestyle rap. So, I ended up getting my own equipment. That way, we could all hang out and do this. At that time, I was only recording for them. I wasn’t in the booth doing anything; I wasn’t recording on a mic. So, eventually one day, some kid didn’t show up and one of my buddies was like, ‘you should get in there’ and I had just been around them so much that I kinda just winged it.”

– Kolton Pierce

Writing/Recording Process

Kolton’s control over the entire writing and producing process puts the timeline in his own hands. Since he is always in a creative headspace, constantly listening to beats to see if they fit his style and the story he’s trying to tell, by the time he gets in his home studio, he’s ready to get to work. He definitely takes his music career seriously, and we know he’s got big things ahead with that work ethic. You have to listen to his unique sound!

“…Probably like an hour max. I think that’s why a bunch of my stuff is different because I’ve had people that would come into studio sessions and spend hours upon hours doing stuff. That’s why it’s also hard for me to work with other artists too because, you know, like I said in the show, I don’t smoke or drink, right? And that’s like a lot of stuff that consists of in the studio, which I don’t mind as long as stuff is getting done, but a lot of it is sitting around and listening to beats. By the time I come into the studio I know what I’m listening to, I know I’m about to say. I’m ready to go as soon as I walk in and I can record a verse in like 15 minutes and since I mix and master my own stuff, I’ll get it mixed and mastered in the exact same studio session.”

– Kolton Pierce

His Hair

Kolton’s luscious locks became the topic of conversation after his television debut. It hasn’t always been long. In fact, he told us what made him grow it out in the first place. He’s had many curious fans ask him about what he does to keep his hair looking so good, including us. He told us about what he uses to wash it, and he also let us in on a little secret- he’s always considered cutting it, but he knows people would go crazy. His long, curly hair has become part of the musician’s brand.

“When I was in high school, I went to a public school, but we weren’t allowed to have tattoos or piercings. As a guy, your hair couldn’t go below your ears, so for me, when I graduated, I was like ‘I’m gonna grow it out’… Lately, I’ve thought about just cutting it off and donating it and if I do that, I know it’ll be a huge deal to everyone. There was one day I put something on my story that I was gonna cut it and I just got so many DMs of people saying ‘you better not’. It’s like this relatively cheap shampoo and conditioner. It’s not anything crazy. People are asking if I ever do hot oil treatments and stuff and I’m like, ‘I don’t know. I probably should, but I don’t’.

– Kolton Pierce

New Music

Kolton has a talent for producing his own music quite efficiently. He comes to every recording session completely prepared, so that the song can be ready within an hour. We are so excited that Kolton plans to release lots of new music in the near future as he catches up on the lost time during his busy school year! Congratulations, Kolton! He is a college grad ready to focus all his energy on his music career.

“I ended up taking 23 hours this semester, so I was extremely swamped, so that’s also why I released- up until next week- I had only released one song because working on music was almost impossible. I had a job and I was doing 23 hours, there wasn’t a lot of time for really anything and then the COVID-1 thing happened. I mean, I graduated still, but it was what it was for everyone, technically. You know, you don’t really get to do much, but it was still cool.”

– Kolton Pierce

Bright Future

Kolton let us know what we should expect from him this summer! We can’t wait to hear what he has in store. He also explained how quarantining in a full house has affected his ability to record his new songs. His music can be found on all music streaming platforms.

“I’m trying to get on a role of releasing a song about every 10 to 12 days, just to make up for all the lost time up to this point, since I was in school. I feel like I owe that to my people because I know they like to hear from me…It’s been kinda wishy washy in that sense. My dogs are barking a lot and you know, there’s people in the house. The mic that I have is very sensitive; it’s a very good mic, but it’ll pick up pretty much anything that’s happening around the house. Anytime I have quiet time- that’s another reason I’ve always had to be ready to record at any time- I just get in there and do it real fast; ten fifteen minutes and I’m done. Then, I can mix and master it.

– Kolton Pierce

Kolton was so much fun to have as a guest on the Sarah Scoop Show! He’s a super sweet guy and an incredibly gifted musician! We eagerly look forward to the new music to come! Thanks for talking with us, Kolton.

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Make sure to listen to Kolton Pierce’s music, and be sure to check out more episodes of The Sarah Scoop Show!

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