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Reality Star Paulie Calafiore Clears “The Challenge” Rumors + Talks “Big Brother”

The Sarah Scoop Show got the opportunity to chat with reality star Paulie Calafiore. He was featured on many shows including Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, and The Challenge. Paulie even shut down many of the false allegations of why he was not featured on season 35 of The Challenge. He then told us about his thoughts on how far his brother Cody Calafiore will go on the current season of Big Brother All Stars.

Check out the full interview down below:

“Big Brother” Roots

Paulie Calafiore first got his start on reality television on CBS’ Big Brother. He competed in season 18, two seasons after his brother Cody Calafiore was featured on the show. Cody was the runner up on season 16, giving him a place this year on the current season of Big Brother All Stars. Paulie said he is watching Cody’s journey in the house and believes he is playing a great game to make it all the way to half a million.

Right now he (Cody) is in a good position. He is in with a lot of good people who win competitions, he is eliminating big threats early on, and playing a really good social game.”

-Paulie Calafiore

“The Challenge” King

Paulie was ready to enter the world of The Challenge after his extensive practice in athletics. He dominated three seasons of the show, making it to the end every time. After leaving the show, he now spends time on his fitness program titled “Awake the Lion.”

A lot of nutrition and life coaches try and keep people on for many years, leaving them with a crutch. And, I wanna be different than all of those people.”

-Paulie Calafiore

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