Reality TV Star Katie Hamilton Talks Marrying Millions + Gives Great Life Advice

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We got the chance to speak with Katie Hamilton, star of reality shows like “Marrying Millions” and “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Katie gave us the scoop on her new podcast, adjusting to life’s craziness, and what being on reality TV is really like!

Real Housewives

Katie Hamilton blowing heart confetti
Photo Credit: Katie Hamilton Official Instagram Page

Some fans of Katie Hamilton may not realize that she was actually a cast member on ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’. However, her personal journey was not shown on the show.

“I will say it is not what I expected. I had done some reality tv before…of course Real Housewives although we filmed Real Housewives for months and months, and it was so great. Footage was awesome. I loved that experience. So, when my divorce happened, I moved back to Texas, and they really weren’t able to show what happened. It was a bummer, you know, because I did pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it and really gave that my best…For the first time in probably a decade, I was able to have adult women friends.”

– Katie Hamilton

Curve balls

Katie Hamilton: When Life Throws You a Curve banner
Photo Credit: Katie Hamilton Official Instagram Page

Katie’s new podcast “When Life Throws You a Curve & How to Make the Adjustment” is all about handling life’s challenges with grace and optimism. Katie is definitely full of wisdom on this topic.

“The whole purpose behind the podcast is to help people navigate challenges and situations that come unexpectedly. How do you go through adversity? How do you persevere and gain the good stuff from the hardest situations?  So I started this podcast at the end of February, and then the world obviously got hit with a massive curve ball…Perseverance, resilience, adversity, forgiveness. Those are all the things required if you are going to have success navigating challenges.”

– Katie Hamilton

Marrying Millions

Katie Hamilton
Photo Credit: Katie Hamilton Official Instagram Page

A star on Lifetime’s reality television show “Marrying Millions,” Katie’s experience on the show was definitely unexpected.

“Going into Marrying Millions, and of course, I didn’t know the name of that show until about three weeks before it aired. I had the perspective that it was going to be a similar experience, at least with regard to reality tv…Now I thought that the show was going to be more like people in relationships in different seasons of life. I knew the financial component was going to be a part of it. I didn’t know it was going to be the focus, and when I heard the title, I literally almost frreaking crapped a brick. I was like ‘No, oh no, no, no!”

– Katie Hamilton

Katie and Colton

Katie and Colton
Photo Credit: Katie Hamilton Official Instagram Page

Katie was totally honest about her relationship with Colton who starred on “Marrying Millions” as her boyfriend.

“Colton and I had started dating. I wasn’t really sure how much I wanted to date because after being divorced and having kids. This was like my first time even dipping my toe in the dating pool. He really was not wanting to take no for an answer. I was like well you’re really pursing me. Let’s just see where this goes. To be quite honest, the casting process went so fast, that I kind of off the cuff just said, ‘Hey, do you want to do this reality show with me?’…He was like oh my gosh, yes, yes, yes and like really wanted to do it…And then it was like happening! In full disclosure, within like in a week probably of filming, I was like I don’t think I can do this…I could tell it wasn’t what I really anticipated. Also, I had just started to not want to be around Colton.”

– Katie Hamilton

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