Top 10 Reasons to Love Faze Rug

Faze Rug, also known as Brian Awadis, is a famous YouTuber with a talent for gaming and pulling pranks. His Youtube channel recently reached 15 million subscribers since the start of his channel back in 2012. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Faze Rug spends his time creating high-quality content for all age groups around the world. Curious as to why I chose Faze Rug? Here are the top 10 reasons to love him!

Faze Rug celebrates 15 million subs on Youtube
@fazerug reaches 15 million subs

1. High-Quality Content

Becoming a YouTuber is no easy feat when your goal is to stand out from the crowd; however, Faze Rug worked hard to make himself known on the platform after eight years. He started out as a gamer but slowly started to branch out into a variety of topics to keep people entertained. For content, he takes inspiration from other people and adds his own twist to them. But his most popular videos are the pranks that he pulls on his family and friends.

2. Humble Guy

Sometimes we come across people whether they’re famous on YouTube or in the music industry, which generates a good amount of money but only focuses on themselves. However, Faze Rug is one of the few people that use their passion to give back to the world. In one of his tweets, he gives a shoutout to the Faze Clan for working together to donate money to the American Cancer Society.

3. Love for his Fans

Even though he is well known on the YouTube platform, Faze Rug doesn’t forget to appreciate his fans. If one didn’t know about his presence on Youtube, they would’ve thought that he was just a normal guy in his twenties. Almost every video, he finds opportunities to give away money and other prizes.

4. Funny

I could easily pick out at least one hundred videos that have never failed to make me laugh. The most memorable ones happen to be challenges. What’s not to enjoy about a guy sitting in a bathtub filled with glue for 24 hours or having a group of people who try to stay in one room with a fart bomb? Faze Rug has reached the level of pure genius when it comes to making people laugh.

5. Enjoy Life

Faze Rug has left an impact on millions of people. He is a perfect example of a person that strives for his dreams no matter how long it takes to succeed. It’s crazy to wonder what would’ve happened if Youtube didn’t exist. But knowing that the digital age is among us, provides the perfect opportunity to share his underlining passion for gaming and pranking. He spends every day engaging in fun challenges that will leave lasting memories.

Faze Rug filling pool with orbeez and having fun
@fazerug- throwing orbeez

6. Family Guy

As a guy that makes his own income, Faze Rug has a chance to have his own place, but his love for his family runs deeper than the surface. His family and friends are a big part of the entertainment that goes on in the videos. Just seeing them have fun and prank each other puts a smile on my face.

Faze Rug's family
@fazerug- family

7. Consistent Uploads

Youtube is like any other social platform that survives on people making content. Therefore, having a consistent schedule for uploading leaves people who enjoy your content to come back for more. Faze Rug stands out as a Youtuber who creates good content on a weekly schedule. Sometimes I wonder, how does he come up with continuous ideas for videos more than once a week?

8. The Prankster

What started out as simple pranks when Faze Rug was younger, turned out to be a life-changer when he realized he could entertain a wide range of people through the camera. One of my favorite pranks is when he cleverly disguised himself as a bush and jumped out when no one expected him to.

9. Dog Lover

A dog lover is always a good thing to look out for when getting to know someone and Faze Rug happens to be one of them! He has two dogs, Lola and Bosley. His pug, Bosley, has his own presence in the entertainment world, especially in the gaming community. Who wouldn’t love these two cuties?

Bonus scoop: You know who else is a dog lover? “Riverdale” and “I Still Believe” star AJ Kapa!

Faze Rug with his dog Bosley
@fazerug and his pug Bosley

10. Gamer

Alongside his challenge and prank videos, he also plays video games. He joined the Faze Clan, a professional gaming community, which helped him gain immense popularity. So if you’re looking to become a professional gamer, take some advice from Faze Rug to up your gaming skills.

Faze Rug is part of the Faze Clan
@fazerug with faze clan logo

Now you know why Faze Rug is highly influential to others. He is only 23 but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the best in the Youtube and gaming industries. Check out more entertainment at!

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