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Reasons We Wish Genovia Was Real

The biggest disappointment of our childhood was when we realized that Genovia wasn’t a real country. Both of The Princess Diaries films are iconic, giving us the awkward but amazing princess Mia who will one day become the Queen of Genovia. Here are the top ten reasons why we wish Genovia was real:

1. Queens rule the country

The legendary Julie Andrews plays Queen Clarisse, who became a ruler due to her marriage to King Rupert. After his death, she ruled for many years. Mia, while having a few missteps, becomes a Queen who brings Genovia into the 21st century. We wish we had politicians like these two in charge of our county.

2. Monarchs listen to citizens

It’s a tradition for citizens of Genovia to visit the castle and request things directly to the royals. This shows how much the monarchs care about their people. Also, citizens can bring offerings to the royals to put on their table. Mia gets offered a chicken and learns the hard way that princesses shouldn’t run after them.


3. They invented mattress surfing

Everyone else who watched The Princess Diaries 2 as a kid thought that Mia’s sleepover party looked like so much fun. They celebrate by “mattress surfing,” which is going down a mattress on a slide. Clarisse says that she doesn’t slide, but she’s done a lot of flying in her time (which is a nod to Mary Poppins). We don’t know why they decided to add mattress surfing into the movie, but we’re delighted they did.  


4. Genovia is open to change

Mia panics when she finds out that a princess can’t take the throne until she marries in The Princess Diaries 2. At the wedding, Mia gives a rallying speech about how much she loves Genovia and doesn’t need a king to make a great Queen. The Genovia parliament passes her motion that she and future princesses won’t have to marry a man to rule. In the end, we see the country undergo progressive changes concerning equal rights for women.


5. They have amazing parades

While parades can be a bore, Genovia’s parades are entertaining. There’s dancing, soldiers marching, and floats. The best part is when Mia stops the parade and approaches the orphanage. She has all the kids wear crowns and march with her. This scene is heartwarming and makes us want to be Genovians cheering Mia on from the sidelines.

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6. Genovia has a catchy national anthem

At the end of The Princess Diaries 2, we hear the amazing Genovia anthem. Their national anthem is still stuck in our heads, and we can’t help but sing “forever will your banner wave” along with the characters in the movie.


7. They help the orphans

Mia decides that they should use the royal castles for the children at the orphanages to stay at instead of as vacation spots for those in parliament. We wish more of those in power in real life would be as giving towards those who are less fortunate.

8. Genovia has royal balls

It wouldn’t be a royal movie without royal balls. We see Mia acting as we would at a ball, sneaking a piece of the cake, stepping on people’s feet as we dance, and enjoying the grand atmosphere while wearing a beautiful dress.


9. Genovia has incredible fashion trends

Mia’s room has a walk-in closet that opens with a remote, filled with clothes, jewelry, and accessories. We wish we had a closet like that because the fashion in Genovia is stellar.  

10. Genovians always have your back

All the people in Genovia seem kind-hearted. We love how Joe gives pep talks to Mia and scares anyone who poses a danger to her. Also, the maids are good friends to Mia when she needs a distraction to run off with Nicholas. The security guard also would gladly take a bullet for Clarisse. Genovians are the kind of people we want by our side when the going gets tough.

If Genovia were real, we’d all be booking a plane ticket to go there. But because it’s not an actual place, you can enjoy the fake country known for its pear trees by watching The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2 on Disney Plus!

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