Wedding #2? Recapping 90 Day Fiancés Elizabeth and Andrei

On season 5 of TLC‘s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth and Andrei are planning their second wedding in Moldova. Get the scoop on a recap of Elizabeth and Andrei’s relationship and 90 Day Fiancé journey.


Their Love Story

How They Met


Elizabeth, a twenty-seven-year-old from Tampa, Florida, was going on a trip to Dublin. She used a dating app to try to make friends before she went on her trip. On the dating app, she met Andrei. Andrei was a thirty-one-year-old from Moldova, who was living in Dublin at the time. They met up in Dublin and spent a lot of time together. They fell for each other and decided to start a serious relationship.


Elizabeth and Andrei were vacationing in Sicily, Italy and Andrei asked Elizabeth to marry him. In shock, she asked if he is suppose to have a ring and be on one knee. “Oh, right!’, he said as he sunk to his knee and pulled out a ring. They both decided to bring Andrei to the United States; their 90 Days have started.

Before Andrei Arrives


Elizabeth is from a family of ten, six boys and four girls. Out of the ten, only two support Elizabeth and Andrei’s relationship. They are a close family, so this hurts Elizabeth. Andrei has said that he doesn’t like Elizabeth going out to bars or clubs with her sisters or friends due to other guys in the clubs. He wants her to call him frequently when she is out. He is a very traditional “alpha male”, but has shown a sweet side to Elizabeth.


Their 90 Days

Andrei arrives in the United States and goes to meet his new in-laws. Elizabeth’s father had expressed his concerns about their financial situation. Andrei would not be able to work on his visa and Elizabeth was only working a part-time job. He does not think the odds are good and they are not prepared for marriage.


Elizabeth’s sisters were excited to throw her a bachelorette party and Elizabeth was very excited about it as well. She knew that Andrei would not approve of the party or her actions at the club. He was very upset that Elizabeth‘s sisters took her phone away for the night, they had an agreement that he will contact her when she is out. The tension between Andrei and Elizabeth’s family is continuing to rise. Despite everything, Elizabeth and Andrei get married happily.


Married Life


They decide to move into a house because Elizabeth is pregnant! She is hopeful that their baby can help prove her family wrong. Andrei had finally gotten his work permit and had studied hard to get his trucking license. When they were shopping for baby clothes, Andrei revealed to Elizabeth that he did not want to be a trucker. She is concerned because they are struggling with finances, but wants him to be happy.


Elizabeth is very stressed between their financial situation, Andrei, her family not supporting them, and her pregnancy. They got into a big fight in the car when Andrei took Elizabeth’s phone out of her hand, and would not return it, so she could not text her sisters. Elizabeth was very upset about it and would not back down until he returned the phone. She admitted that she did not like the side of him that she saw.

Elinor’s Birth


Andrei’s father came to visit in the United States. He brought a calming presence to the drama that went on. Elizabeth’s family was super kind and welcoming to him. Elizabeth gives birth to their daughter, Elinor. Despite the tension, Elizabeth’s family is happy for them and love seeing Elinor. Andrei and Elizabeth are thrilled to be parents.


Happily Ever After?


Their Second Wedding


As of season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Andrei does not have a job. Elizabeth is financially supporting them by working for her dad. Andrei has started pushing for their second wedding in Moldova. He explained that they need to marry in the Orthodox church for Elinor to be baptized. It is very important to his parents that Elinor is baptized in Moldova. This will also be the first time Andrei’s mother will meet Elinor.


Elizabeth had virtually no say in the planning of their second wedding. He announced to her and her family at her dad’s birthday party that they will marry in Moldova in a month’s time. Since arriving in Moldova, Andrei started acting like an extreme “alpha male” and has been mildly offending Elizabeth. They have begun to heavily fight while arranging the wedding. They are starting to get on a better page on the show, but fans are hopeful that the wedding will happen smoothly.


Hope for the Future

Elizabeth and Andrei have been on 90 Day Fiancê season 5 and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? seasons 4 and 5. They have been on a few seasons of TLC‘s 90 Day: Pillow Talk, a spin-off show featuring couples from previous seasons watching the current season with running commentary. Fans hope they can work out their differences and have a happy second marriage and life together.

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