35+ Red Black and White Nail Designs

With more than 35 nail art designs, the red, white, and black color palette is bold and elegant, playing to increasingly diverse effects.

From bold red and black combinations to complex geometries, these designs offer a delightful balance of simplicity and complexity.

But can you find one design you like best, with your preferred aesthetic? It might be there, but keep reading to find it. Here’s the scoop!

Classic Black and Red Combo

Red and black: the age-old, iconic nail color combination that’s edgy and sophisticated all at once.

Red symbolizes lust, vitality, and pure excitement. Black is mysterious, powerful, and chic. Together, they make a statement that can’t be missed. 

Close-up of a person's hands with short, neatly manicured nails. Most nails are painted in a shiny red polish, except the ring fingers, which are painted in black. The hands are placed on a white textured surface.

A statement like this demands perfection regarding nails.

So, try to maintain your nails, trim your cuticles, and always use a base coat, as it helps to keep the color from staining your nails. 

A close-up of hands showing a manicure with smooth, glossy red nails and black tips in a French manicure style.

Experiment with the degrees of red and black, and don’t forget a bit of white for contrast. 

You got style; now let your nails do the telling. Cheers.

Black and White Geometric Design

Stepping away from red and black nails, you will want to try black and white geometric designs. 

These designs embody modern minimalism in nail designs, exuding a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Close-up of hands showcasing manicured nails with white polish and black geometric designs on a few nails.

To create your own black-and-white geometric nail art, consider these innovative ideas:

  • Utilize sharp angles and straight lines to create a dynamic contrast.
  • Incorporate circles or dots for a playful yet sophisticated look.
  • Experiment with alternating black and white stripes for a monochrome barcode effect.
  • Try a checkerboard pattern for a retro-inspired aesthetic.
Close-up of hands with black and white geometric manicure featuring striped and half-and-half designs on oval-shaped nails.

Geometric nail art takes the current trend of breaking boundaries but keeps things clean, sleek, and streamlined.

You can get pretty creative to make your nails look like modern art. 

Red French Tip Variation

Let’s begin with a more striking version of the classic: the Red French Tip Variation will make your fingertips pop! 

Close-up of a hand showcasing a French manicure with red tips and a natural pink base. The nails are neatly shaped in a squared-off style.

While never going out of style, the French manicure is an innovation that invites a current twist.

The color spectrum is your playground, from fiery scarlet to a deep burgundy.

Imagine a glassine base in a deep shine, the nails akin to miniature canvases, the action at the tips, that bold red swooshing up and across.

Experiment with different nail shapes– round, square, or pointed– each of which will set a different mood.

Close-up of hands with long, almond-shaped nails featuring a glossy red reverse French manicure on a pink base.

This a trendy way to finger-wag… to extend your message and express your Mohawk manicure.

Monochromatic Stripes and Spots

Moving on to the next trend, monochromatic stripes and spots make something with little or no color look simple and stylish. 

Close-up of a hand with a beige matte nail on the pinky finger and black and white striped and polka dot designs on the other fingernails.

Because there’s no one pattern, you can play with spot sizes, going for pretty little dots or over-sized, bold spots.

Consider these design elements to elevate your monochrome manicure:

  • Stripes of varying thickness for a dynamic look
  • Spot clusters for a playful twist
  • Alternating black and white on different nails for added contrast
  • Dashes and dots combined to break the monotony
Fingers with manicured nails featuring black and white striped, polka-dotted, and solid black designs. A gold ring is worn on the ring finger.

You’re not just following a trend but redefining it with your style.

Black Base With Red Accents

Sure, monochrome manis allow for some striking minimalism, but add a black base and punchy red accents, and your nail art might be about to get even more sophisticated and dramatic. 

With its Gothic influence, this design brings out a distinctively dark yet high-fashion look.

Close-up of a hand with four fingernails painted black and one accent nail painted red with a black stripe at the tip.

It’s all in the placement of the accents. Place a few dots of red paint on a stark black canvas, and you can make something stunning.

Think of a black background punctuated by red roses or red streaks.

Or, think of a black glossy base with little red rhinestones in a pattern that shouts modernity and chic.

This is about marrying creative expression with tradition and crafting a sound that is yours.

Two hands with manicured nails: four nails polished in glossy black with a red stripe, and the others in solid glossy red. The hands are resting on a soft white surface.

Intricate White Lace Patterns

Delicate patterns of white lace woven across your nails bring a sophisticated, timeless, and trendy floral pattern that you can wear all year. 

To create these intricate designs, consider the following lace application techniques:

Each solution is tedious enough to demand careful fingers, a close eye, and concentration.

Yet, the outcome is romantic – the simple, covered-up bridal lace or the grand and mighty Victorian attention-grabber, both of which can be enhanced with a nude base.

Your nails might broadcast your interest in all things exquisitely feminine, from red heart accents to glossy black finishes.

Red and Black Ombre Effect

Take the plunge into the fiery world of ombre nails in red and black.

The bright colors and dramatic black make for an arresting, daring look, perfect for stiletto nails. 

Collect as many shades of red as possible, ranging from deep, velvety burgundy to lighter, brighter scarlet.

Do likewise with your blacks, from jet to charcoal.

Apply the lightest shade of red to the tip of your nails, and then work up with increasingly darker shades.

Close-up of hands displaying square-shaped nails painted with a red to black ombre gradient design on a white fluffy surface.

For black, blend the next darkest red into the lightest black, and so on.

Once your ombre is complete, finish with a high-gloss top coat.

It mimics the sheen of a natural nail and looks great with all colors, not just all white.

Remember that producing this design requires creativity and patience. 

Experiment with the colors and gradients to create the ultimate red and black ombre nails with a glossy black top coat. 

A hand with nails painted in a gradient of black and red polish, photographed close up.

White Nails With Red Roses

Shifting from the daring drama of red and black ombre nails, let’s paint a more delicate picture with red roses on white nails.

The rose motif’s flower symmetry lends a chic touch to a romance-inducing symbol. 

White nails create distinct and pristine backgrounds for the red roses, which glow with hot, scarlet passion.

Consider these elements to enhance your white nails with a red rose design:

  • Use a gel polish for a glossy, lasting finish.
  • Experiment with different shades of red to add depth.
  • Introduce tiny green leaves for a touch of realism.
  • Consider placing roses on alternative nails for an understated look.

Embrace this trend for an innovative yet rooted in timeless elegance style.

Bold, Abstract Artistry

If you are adventurous, don’t hold back. Freely create abstract nail patterns with no rules to bind you.

Unleash your inner Picasso and say all without words.

A close-up of a hand with manicured nails painted in a red, black, and white abstract pattern.

This nail design form is about expressing individuality through abstract patterns and bold contrasts of red, black, and white.

Imagine clouds rolling around each other or geometric shapes of stark black, white, and red.

This is a bold new way of thinking about nail art. 

Polka Dots and Stripes Nail Art

Enter the trend featuring a Polka Dots And Stripes Mix, a playful manicure with a retro flair.

With this look, you embrace creativity and are brave enough to select your polka dot placement and stripes thickness variation.

Polka dots or stripes enhance the natural look by themselves, and together, they provide a twist on more classic nail art. 

Plus, they infuse the latest vintage vibes with chic. Here are a few ideas:

  • Experiment with different Polka Dot Placements, creating intriguing patterns that mimic 3D objects.
  • Play around with Stripes Thickness Variation.
Close-up of hands with a manicure featuring red, black, and white nail polish. Some nails have stripes while others have polka dots.
  • Try alternating between dots and stripes on different nails for a fun mix-and-match look.
  • Incorporate a top coat to create matte nails that add a modern edge to your design.

Fierce Animal Print Ideas

So, while you soak up the vintage style of polka dots and stripes, pay homage to your wild side with some thrilling animal print.

Its jaw-dropping zebra print experimentation is sharply contrasted between black and white. This is surely a choice for the daring trendsetter. 

But really, be wild and let those leopard spots roar.

A swirl of red, black, and white paint, this brash design takes your manicure beyond the call of duty and into some deep jungle velvet.

The colors are vibrant, and the design is eye-catching. Still, it’s classy and suggests someone who isn’t afraid to have a good night on the hunt. 

Red, Black, and White Gradient

Try blending a red, black, and white gradient nail for a dramatic nail design gone wild.

This boldly mesmerizing nail color transition is also fairly easy to duplicate—as long as you know the basics of gradient application and a couple of fundamental tricks for color blending.

  1. First, paint your nails by selecting the same three polishes in a gradient: bright red at the tip, deep black in the middle, and crisp white towards the base.
  2. Apply a base coat of white to enhance the intensity of the colors and achieve a glossy black finish.
  3. Swipe on three polishes, using a makeup sponge, in three sections, tapping on the nail.
  4. Seal with a clear top coat for gloss and glimmer. 

Experiment with different gradients and unleash your creativity in this cutting-edge trend.

Hands showcasing manicured nails with a gradient design in black, red, and white on some nails, and solid white on others, against a green background.

Marble Effect Nails

Once you learn how to create awe-inspiring gradients, you might be ready to graduate to opulent marble-effect nails, an avenue of beauty and class.

The primary skill to master here is the swirl technique, often showcased in salon demonstrations or stock photos.

After applying your base color, dot your contrasting tones on top of it and swirl your dots together using a needle or a paintbrush.

Close-up of hands featuring a manicure with a mix of red, black, and white nail polish, including black and white marbled designs on a dark background.

However, your masterpiece doesn’t end there. Proper care for marble nails is just as important as making them.

Seal your design with a clear top coat to protect it from chipping or wearing off.

Frequent touch-ups will not only keep your nails looking contemporary but also artistic. 

Your red, black, and white marble-effect nails will shine with innovative techniques and proper care.

Sparkling Glitter Overlays

Let your inner glamour out with our sparkling glitter overlays, the hottest new form of nail art!

These trendy manicures are easy to execute with stunning results.

A close-up of hands showing manicured nails with a mixed design of red glitter, solid white, and white with black tips.

Now, let’s dive in and learn some newer ways to apply glitter and current holographic glitter trends!

A close-up of a hand showcasing a manicure with glittery red, black, and red-to-white ombre gel nails.

Seasonal Nail Design Inspirations

You can enhance your creations to suit the changing seasons, allowing you to combine stylishness and creativity and be up to the minute.

Get into seasonal color switching: red, black, and white are all trending colors.

Try red and black designs in the warm, autumnal glow.

Winter whites and blacks can be elegant when selected with an edited eye.

Holiday-inspired designs are another way to express yourself.

Get in the mood for Halloween with ghoulish black-and-white designs, or spread Christmas cheer with a red-and-white stripe.

Your nails are a perennial opportunity for expression, a configurable creative space, a place where your environment and style meet. 

Red, Black, and White Nail Designs

And there you have it—more than 35 nail designs incorporating red, black, and white for a look to die for—from classic combos to sparkling overlays to your favorite theme, there is a twist of all kinds here. 

Go freestyle, or let these ideas inspire you. It’s time to give your nails the updo they deserve, whether for the coming season or a simple makeover. 

Remember, the world is your canvas, so paint it boldly!

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