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“Regular Show” and Why You Should Rewatch It

I rewatched every episode of “Regular Show” to see if it lives up to the image my 2009ish self gave the show. The show ended kind of recently (January 2017), yet I still felt the need to go back and watch all 8 seasons. With the time I have from imposing a self-quarantine, I was able to breeze by and determine if “Regular Show” is just as great now as it was in the past. Check out the scoop on “Regular Show!”

Airing on Cartoon Network in 2009, and created by J.G. Quintel, “Regular Show” follows two friends, Mordecai and Rigby during a normal day of work. However, episodes follow a format: the friends face an issue, they seek a problem to fix the issue, the solution involves something outlandish, the issues are solved. This is best shown when Rigby in “The Power” finds a magical piano that gives him a raise, however, the piano accidentally sends a friend to the moon. The pair must find a way to go to the moon and save their friend while also battling a large moon monster.

It’s anything, but regular really.

The “Regular” Review

It is not an understatement when I say that “Regular Show” is my favorite Cartoon Network show. When I was younger I did like it. However, now I love it. Its reality mixed with absurdism gives the perfect mix for a great show. Characters are relatable and enjoyable. Though the show begins as episodic, character arcs continue to grow and grow. Dynamics change. Love interests change, yet never go away.

Believe it or not, there is an overarching plot. Yes, it is out there. It’s great and surprisingly touching. Though, I’ll keep this spoiler-free, so keep an eye out while you watch.

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Each episode is so fun to watch, especially with friends. It’s one of those cartoons that both parents and children can enjoy. However, the prime demographic may be perfect for those college-aged students still figuring themselves out. As the main characters are in the same situation.

Seeing the pair of friends get excited over earning their paycheck and then spending it all on grilled cheese is way too relatable.

Those of us who were younger when it aired and couldn’t really understand the humor, watch it now! It couldn’t be a more perfect time. The humor holds up. The character dynamics are great and no one could guess what happens next if they tried. So, give it a watch right away. If you need another show to fill in all your free-time, use it to watch “Regular Show.” I promise you’ll be having the most fun you had since quarantine began.

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