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Review: “Love on the Spectrum” Will Warm Your Heart

This is a spoiler-free review of “Love on the Spectrum!”

Thomas and Ruth on "Love on the Spectrum", Netflix
Thomas and Ruth on “Love on the Spectrum”, Courtesy of Netflix

Looking for a quick Netflix show to marathon-watch to get you through the last bits of summer? Well, a new show has just arrived that everyone should look into! Not only is it short and sweet, but it also has some significant themes that not everyone knows about.

What It’s About

“Love on the Spectrum” is a docuseries following a variety of young adults with autism. These people all have varying degrees of autism, but have one goal in common: they want to find love. With each episode, the audience gets a sneak peek into the lives of these people and the struggles they go through not just in dating, but in everyday life.

Why We Love It

Honestly, there are so many reasons to love this show. First, it truly gives its audience education in autism. Not many people realize how wide the autism spectrum is and this show gives a great scope of how a person’s disability can be. Not only that, but you’re able to get a glimpse at the different traits that are part of their lives. Additionally, something really special the producers of the show did was treat each person the same way, no matter who the person was. Each person showcased in “Love on the Spectrum” is treated with so much respect and dignity, which is definitely something that everyone should learn to do. Everyone is deserving of love, no matter what their differences are.

Secondly, “Love on the Spectrum” tackles many misconceptions about autism. Often, able-bodied people don’t think too much about the dating lives of those with autism. However, “Love on the Spectrum” really breaks down the social part of dating and how easy (or difficult) it can be in general. Plus, the show not only highlights the struggles with dating, but also the successes.

Kelvin in "Love on the Spectrum", Netflix
Kelvin, “Love on the Spectrum”, Courtesy of Netflix

If You’re Still Not Convinced

Aside from those amazing qualities, “Love on the Spectrum” has another fantastic component. The cast! You listen to their stories and truly want them to find love. Then, you get to experience their ups and downs in dating. You feel just how they feel when something goes wrong, or right. To say the least, this show had me crying several times throughout its short season of only five episodes.

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In the end, this series is not only helpful for the mind, but for the heart as well. I recommend everyone give it a try, and hopefully take out of it what I did: everyone deserves a little love.

“Love on the Spectrum” is available on Netflix now!

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