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Riverdale Season 5 Trailer – 10 Things To Think About

The one thing that we know we can expect is another mystery, another love triangle but we do not know who will be the villain and who is going to fall from grace. Who are we going to hate? Who are we going to love to hate?

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1. Betty and Jughead Investigate

What we know is that Betty and Jughead are investigating the videotapes that were shown in season 4. Betty and Jughead visit Bret in jail and he warns them of a great threat. Where is this going to go?

2. Who is making the videos?

Someone is making videos of them doing disturbing things. They are reenacting what Jughead has written in the past with masks that look like the key four characters. Someone is trying to threaten Jughead to stop writing.  

3. Romances Are Happening

The bedroom scene obviously gives us a hint that we will see more love lust from Jughead and Betty in the next season. Most fans of Bughead would like to see more of him.  

Riverdale — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

4. The Last Prom

They are going to have their last prom, but why is Archies face bloody and who was he fighting with? It might be Veronica’s dad? And right before prom, ohh that beautiful face, what a shame but really was this a boxing fight or a visual thing?  

5. A Secret Kiss

The reveal of the secret kiss from Betty and Archie. Will Varchie and Bughead survive this secret coming out or will we find a new romance between Betty and Archie?   

6. The Man in an Owl Mask

Betty and Jughead are looking for a man in an owl mask in a club. Then finds that he hung himself. Is he a part of the mystery behind the videotapes? Who is the masked figure?

Riverdale — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

7. Dark Betty

There are hints that dark Betty returns with her red lipstick, her serpent dancing, and her pink shirt smeared with blood. Ohh Betty what are you up to now?

8. Jughead Fights

Jughead is in a fight with someone. Is he protecting someone or mad at someone? Who is his opponent? It does not take him long to step back into gang life. 

9. Archie’s Father Flashbacks

Archie visits his dad’s grave. Hopefully, he is searching for a way to find the same integrity that his father had. 

10. An Unknown Intruder

An intruder in Betty’s house threatens Jelly Bean with a knife. Betty has a gun. Is it Charles or is her mom hypnotized again?

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