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‘Riverdale’ Time Jump: The CW Actors Are Finally Acting Their Own Age

Fans of the CW’s Riverdale are eagerly anticipating the series’ new episode, premiering on February 10th. It’s about to change everything. The rest of the series will take place after a seven-year time jump, which has give each of the characters a lot of time to change…or stay exactly the same.

Longtime Riverdale fans are excited to see their favorite characters get fresh, new storylines. However, they aren’t the only ones who are intrigued by this new beginning. Fans who stopped watching somewhere within the last few years of the show’s run are returning to the series out of curiosity. Old and new fans alike are gearing up to watch the new episode that will completely change the course of the show for the rest of its time on air. Here’s what we know so far!

The Riverdale Actors Don’t Have To Pretend To Be Teenagers Anymore

Much to their relief! Now, let’s be honest, the kids of Riverdale never acted much like regular high schoolers. Nevertheless, we as the audience were expected to remain under the guise that these were teenagers. This necessitated an understanding that their frontal lobes were not fully developed and the plot had to maintain a certain level of innocence (though Riverdale writers loved to toe the line).

So what will this time jump mean in that regard? If they’re adults now, how far is the CW willing to go with Riverdale’s love for steamy romance and gore? Will the storylines become even more chaotic or will the characters have become a bit more level-headed? Only time will tell…and we can’t wait any longer!

For these actors, ranging in age from 23-30, it has been quite some time since they were teenagers. They’ve also each starred in other roles that allowed them to act like adults, which would seem preferable. It seems like everyone agrees it was time for Archie and his friends to grow up. We can’t wait to see what these talented actors do with their characters now.

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Archie Andrews

As any good protagonist does, when Archie decides to do something, he fully commits. His selfless disposition and arguably chaotic impulsivity gets him into a fair amount of trouble. His overnight decision to enlist in the military is another example of just that. After seven years, Archie will be returning to Riverdale as a war veteran who has seen a reality even harsher than his haunted hometown.

As expected, Archie looks ridiculously handsome all grown up. His hair is slightly shorter, his demeanor seems more jaded and he seems even more buff somehow? The question is, will there still be romantic feelings lingering between him and Betty? Will he find a way to make amends with a town that treated his late father so poorly?

Also, many fans were under the impression that though Riverdale never revealed its exact geographic location that it was taking place in the present-day and within the United States. So, what war is Archie fighting in exactly? And why does he look so dang good in that uniform?

Betty Cooper

Let’s start with the obvious: adult Betty gets to wear her hair down! Even actress Lili Reinhart is excited about it. Fans are excited to see what this physical change will represent for Betty’s character growth. After all, Coco Chanel did say, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.”

We can tell from the teaser trailer that Betty followed in her evil older brother’s footsteps and became an FBI agent. It suits her sleuthing nature, but we also think it might have something to do with her fear of the supposed “serial killer gene” that runs in her family. Will she come back to Riverdale on a mission from the FBI? Will her feelings for Jughead still linger or has enough time passed for her to explore a relationship with Archie?

Veronica Lodge

We don’t know much about what Veronica is up to, but we do know that over the last few years she’s wholly gotten over Archie (at least we hope) and fallen in love with her new beau. And this mystery man put a ring on it! That’s right, Veronica is married! Maybe that means she’s not Veronica Lodge anymore? I’d like to think that our favorite powerhouse woman decided to carry on her family name and perhaps created a better legacy than her father did, much like Cheryl is attempting to do for the Blossoms.

We assume that V graduated with her degree from the prestigious Barnard College and spent some time behind-the-scenes of “Real Housewives of New York” watching Hermione live her new divorcée life. What we don’t know, and this goes for the whole gang, is what is bringing her back to the twisted little town of Riverdale? Will we like her new husband and will he get along with the guys?

Jughead Jones

Well, it looks like Jughead has chased his dreams and achieved his goal of becoming a published author. But it doesn’t look like he’s found much contentment in it. As someone who loves his dramatic tendencies, I was happy to see that even in adulthood he can still throw the occasional tantrum. Will he struggle from crippling writer’s block that can only be cured by a quick trip back home?

Is his published novel a book based on his antics in Riverdale- a compilation of every voiceover we ever heard throughout the show? Has he become a recluse, trying to avoid being a one-hit-wonder or does he have a secret love life like Veronica?

Cheryl, Toni, Reggie, Kevin…

We didn’t get much information about our favorite supporting characters in the episode teaser, but we hope to see a lot more of these cuties in the time jump. We know that after graduation, Cheryl was planning to stay in Riverdale and run the family’s maple business, while the rest of the crew headed off to college.

Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more Reggie and Kevin in the future even though we don’t get a glimpse at their adult lives in the teaser trailer!

Though this wasn’t shown in the teaser, we know from Vanessa Morgan (who plays Toni Topaz), that the show’s writers worked her real-life pregnancy into the plot of the show.

For the full scoop on Vanessa Morgan and Riverdale’s first baby, check out Riverdale Star Vanessa Morgan Welcomes First Child.

Who Has Left ‘Riverdale’ For Good

Actors Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) and Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge) took the time-jump plotline as an opportunity to leave the show and pursue other projects. Both actors had their own reasons for leaving, but most people believe its because of their characters lack of screen time. They will be missed!

Riverdale Teases Barchie

In the last few episodes, it definitely feels like Riverdale is pushing for Barchie (Betty and Archie) to be endgame. But fans also wouldn’t be surprised if Jughead and Betty found their way back to each other after all this time. After all, if it’s a new mystery that gets the band back together, the crime-solving duo will be spending quite a bit of time together.

Fans are split down the middle when it comes down to who Betty will end up with. Now that Veronica is officially off the market, will Jughead and Archie duke it out for Betty?

Watch the Trailer For Yourself

Will the dynamics of our favorite friend group feel noticeably different now that they’re all grown up? Find out for yourself tonight on the CW 8/7 central. If you miss it, you can always watch it for free on the app!

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