Ryan-James Hatanaka Talks “When Hope Calls” + Shares Messages To The Hearties

The Sarah Scoop Show hosted “When Hope Calls” actor Ryan-James Hatanaka to get the scoop on his hit Hallmark Channel show, his theater aspirations, and how much he loves his fellow cast mates!

Appreciation for Fan Base

Ryan-James Hatanaka
Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel

Ryan-James loves connecting with the fans of “When Hope Calls” and recognizes that the show’s fan base is truly special.

“We’re so thankful for the hearties, that fan base. It’s such a rare thing and such a special treat to be in the first season of the show and have such a loyal, local fan base. Sunday nights, when the shows been airing, I like to hop on Twitter and interact with them when I can and get to know them. There’s just some really excellent people out there.”

Ryan-James Hatanaka

Exciting audition process

Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel / IMDB

It seems like fate that Canadian actor Ryan-James Hatanaka landed the coveted role of Mountie Gabriel on “When Hope Calls”.

“So I play Mountie Gabriel. It was a really interesting audition process. I was in Toronto filming another show and heard they were looking for the Mountie on this spin-off of “When Calls the “Heart”. So I jumped at that opportunity. I went in there. They liked my first audition, so they set me up with a chemistry read with Morgan Kohan who plays Lillian on the show. We just had a ball. It was the most relaxed, fun chemistry read I think I’ve ever had. We just really clicked. Then that afternoon they gave me the call.”

Ryan-James Hatanaka

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He rocks his black-belt in karate

Ryan-James Hatanaka
Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel

Ryan-James has achieved the level of black-belt in karate. No wonder he portrays such a convincing Mountie on screen as the brave character Gabriel.

“I think in acting in general having a black belt and physical capabilities, it definitely lends itself to acting well. And being a Mountie in the show, it’s a very action filled, physical role. So being able to be in my body and really hit those high points well is a huge asset. It definitely lends itself to the role.”

Ryan-James Hatanaka

RJ is a Heartie!

Ryan-James Hatanaka
Photo Credit: Official Twitter Account of Ryan-James Hatanaka

Even before he auditioned, Ryan-James was well aware of just how popular the Hallmark Channel original series “When Calls the Heart” is.

“It’s a huge show. It’s a huge, huge show. I, of course, new of it and new what a big show it was. When I got the opportunity to audition for it, I was like “Yeah, slam dunk!” Once I got cast in the role, you tell that to people, and there’s excitement right away which is such a cool thing.”

Ryan-James Hatanaka

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 His Dream Role involves Shakespeare

Ryan-James Hatanaka
Photo Credit: Pioneer Press/Jenny Graham.

No stranger to the stage, Ryan-James has an impressive resume of theater performances. He even starred as dreamy Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet”. No wonder he wants to take on more Shakespeare roles.

“There’s also roles, especially having spent so much time in theater school and in grad school. ‘Hamlet’ would be such a great challenge that I would really, really love to take on one day. Those big, iconic Shakespearean roles. I really have a home there. I love those challenges.”

Ryan-James Hatanaka

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