Ryan Paevey Gushes About Co-Star Erin Cahil and Talks Hallmark Success

Ryan Paevey was a guest on  The Sarah Scoop Show! He shared the scoop on starring in “A Timeless Christmas” alongside his co-star Erin Cahil and the memories he made while filming!

Ryan Paevey on Erin Cahil

Ryan Paevey, Hallamrk Channel
Ryan Paevey, Hallmark Channel (2020)

Paevey began the interview going on and on about his talented co-star Erin Cahil in “A Timeless Christmas.” He says, “From day 1, instant BFFs! Super fast friends, it was an absolute joy to work with her. She’s magic!”

He goes on to say, “I basically do my best the whole time to kinda just hide behind her. She’s so charming!”

When sharing how close they are off-screen, he adds, “We text like all the time!” While mentioning Erin, who plays Megan, he even said, “She’s Gold!” Clearly, it is safe to say that the two have kept their on-screen chemistry in real life!

“A Timeless Christmas”

Ryan Paevey and Erin Cahill
Ryan Paevey and Erin Cahill (Photos: Crown Media)

Paevey, the former General Hospital actor, went on to explain the plot of his Hallmark movie, “A Timeless Christmas!”

When asked, “What was it like getting to play with the time-traveling aspect of the movie?” he responded with “Time travel, I find very fascinating. There is some challenge, as an actor, to create some sudden shift as a man from the past learns how to find his place in a new present.”

He goes more in-depth by saying, “A Timeless Christmas is a time-traveling, love story.” Adding on, Paevey describes his character, Charles as a “self-made man.” Paevey’s character starts off in 1903 where he is engaged to be married and purchases a clock for his fiance. This very clock leads him to time-travel 100 years into the future! Find out the rest by watching “A Timeless Christmas!”

Memories from Filming

The 36-year-old actor shared some of his favorite memories on set! He even explained how this particular franchise and many others on the Hallmark Channel are filmed!

While mentioning his favorite memory, he said, “We [Charles and Megan] end up at the police station, I’m talking to the sheriff, I’m trying to explain all these things to him that are true [time-traveling] and Erin’s character is frantically trying to tell me the more I talk the worse it sounds!” He adds, that specific scene took forever to get just right because he could not keep a straight face!

The movie itself was filmed in an actual mansion! He added that shooting on location and wearing the clothes set to the time period changes the way the scenes feel! We can see that Paevey secured a significant connection with his co-stars and the environment he was part of!

Who do you want to see Ryan Paevey on-screen with next?

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Ryan Paevey and Erin Cahil,

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