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Salma Hayek’s Snake Phobia Almost Cost Her Role in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

Salma Hayek’s notorious snake dance in “From Dusk Till Dawn” may have never happened, if she didn’t overcome her phobia.

Thanks to E! News exclusive interview with Hayek, we have the scoop!

Salma Hayek On Her Phobia

Image: Instagram @Cinemaik_

The “Desperado” actress reveals that she nearly lost her role in “From Dusk Till Dawn”, due to her snake phobia. In the 1996 cult classic, Hayek’s character Santanico Pandemonium was instructed to dance with a snake wrapped around her. 

“I have a phobia,” Hayek admitted. “It was not on the script. I agreed to the movie and then, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino decided that the dance is with the snake on me.” 

Initially struggling with her phobia, Hayek refused the dance. The director [Rodriguez] and writer [Tarantino] declared they would replace her with an actress who would. So Hayek had no choice.

She then forced herself to overcome her phobia. Hayek admits to E! News, “Frankly I needed to pay rent.”  

Salma Hayek’s “Inner Power”

Image: Instagram @SelmaHayek

Hayek succeeded in conquering her fear by doing research and discovering what the snake represents in other cultures.

“In some cultures, the snake represented—I started doing research—your inner power,“ the “Desperado” actress said. “And my whole thing that I brainwashed myself into doing was dancing with my own inner power.” 

Hayek’s Phobia Conquered?

Over a decade later, Hayek exposed her phobia of snakes in an interview with Extra, where she is seen climbing over her chair in fear. Although, the “Frida” star defends her reaction in the video.  

“The snake in the deck was not expected–her head was up–and everybody ran,” the 54-year-old actress said. “Body guards, camera men. Everybody ran and left us with the snake.

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Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek Co-star in Sci-Fi Amazon Original


In recent news, Salma Hayek co-stars in a science fiction drama, called “Bliss”, with Owen Wilson. She describes the movie as “super timely.” 

The Amazon Original is a story about a newly divorced man that meets a beautiful woman who tries to convince him that he is living in a simulation. The film was released on February 5th, 2021, and can be watched on Amazon Prime. 

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