“The Half of It” Director/Writer Alice Wu Interview

The Sarah Scoop Show was so lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Alice Wu, the writer and director of the new Netflix film “The Half of It”. Alice gave us the scoop on how her personal journey inspired the film and why romantic love isn’t the most important relationship we create.

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The Half Of It – Cinematographer Greta Zozula, Director Alice Wu – Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

The Most Important Relationships Are Not Always Romantic

When asked about her inspiration for the story line of the film, Alice referenced how specific relationships had a major impact on her life.

“I think as a society, and certainly in our stories, we tend to exalt romantic love as if it’s like the most important love. And our number one thing is to try and find that person we’re supposed to spend the rest of our life with, romantically. But if I look back on my life, I think some of the most important relationships I’ve had that actually really shaped me were not actually the romantic relationships I had.”

– Alice Wu
The Half Of It – Leah Lewis, Director Alice Wu, Daniel Diemer – Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

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Opposites Can Attract

In her senior year of college, Alice came out and became best friends with someone unexpected. This just proves that you can find friendships in the most unexpected places.

“When I came out as gay in my senior year of college, my best friend at the time was actually a straight white guy who was the last person on earth who I would’ve been like ‘Yes, this will be my best friend!’ We just seemed very different. Yet somehow we really got each other…sometimes the least likely person can change your life.”

– Alice Wu
The Half Of It – Director Alice Wu, Leah Lewis – Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

The Moving Effect

The three main characters of Netflix’s “The Half of It” come together in a way that is not only humorous but also quite meaningful.

“At some point, it’s not really going to be about who gets the girl. It’s actually really going to be about how these three people who normally would never cross paths end up colliding. And in that collision, each of them ends up learning something about themselves that allows them to become the person they want to be because of their connection.”

– Alice Wu

Different Types Of Love

The Half Of It – Director Alice Wu, Leah Lewis – Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey

Not your typical teen romance, “The Half of It” truly strives to examine the different types of love that exist between all of us. Alice takes the view on a unique, yet realistic, experience in her film.

“A lot of times in my films, I’m just trying to show the most authentic characters that I can. And the reality is that nobody really lives in a world where we only have romantic love…I’m not even sure what that world looks like because most of us have friends. Most of us have family of some sort, or maybe we have pets. There’s different kinds of love all the time. It’s just that we shine a laser beam on romantic love, right? But I really wanted to tease you in…but I really do sort of a subversive switch-a-roo.”

– Alice Wu

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