Save the Day with ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers

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Save the day with ROAR Kids and Marvel Avengers!

Finding a healthy drink option for kids is tricky. Water is hydrating go-to, but kids want something fun. Enter ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers series! ROAR makes all-natural hydration drinks for adults, and now their goal is to introduce kids to healthier choices with Marvel Avengers!

ROAR Kids follows ROAR’s motto: Everything your body needs. Nothing it doesn’t. ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers is a flavored water-based juice. Each drink contains water, fruit juice, and natural flavors to create a hydrating drink for kids. Try Captain America in Grape, Iron-Man in Apple, and Spider-Man in Fruit Punch. You can even celebrate Marvel’s newest Avenger with ROAR’s newest flavor Cherry Lemonade featuring Black Panther! No matter which flavor you choose, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a healthy choice for their lunch!

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Every bottle of ROAR Kids is gluten-free with preservative-free with no added sugar. ROAR also never includes anything artificial in their drinks. This means no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors. They also only use natural juices for their ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers drinks.  If it’s not natural, you’re not going to find it in a bottle of ROAR.
ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers drinks are a great option for kids (and adults)! I love the taste and it’s hard to believe they’re only 20 calories each. ROAR Kids are great for parents wanting to keep their kids healthy without giving them too much sugar or calories. The 12-ounce bottles are lightweight and 100% recyclable. Because they’re slightly taller than a pen, ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers fit into any lunchbox or cupholder.  
ROAR Kids Marvel Avengers make a perfect addition to any backpack or carpool. Bring home this healthy option for your family and help your kids show off their super spirit!

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