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Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix

If scary movies are your thing, then there’s some good news for you. Netflix has you covered! For chilling movies to keep you up at night, here are our picks for the 10 scariest movies on Netflix.

1. Train to Busan

One of the best Korean zombie movies up to date, Train to Busan offers a whirlwind of emotions. It’s not just your average scary movie with jump scares at every corner. Therefore, Train to Busan keeps you on your toes while effortlessly connecting the audience to the characters on an emotional level. The Korean film starts off with a well-known actor, Gong-Yoo who plays Seok-woo, a major workaholic, who comes home to his daughter with a present for her birthday. However, his daughter brings up her wish to see her mother in Busan instead. So, Seok-woo, not able to reject her wish, takes her to Busan. A zombie movie mostly centered on the train, this chilling movie will make you rethink your entire perspective of zombies as they’re difficult to outrun.

If you’re looking to watch more Korean films and TV shows, check out the Korean drama Kingdom on Netflix!

Train to Busan on Netflix
Netflix- Seok-woo and his daughter running to safety in Busan

2. Before I Wake

Before I Wake centers around a child named Cody that suffers from a psychological condition that enables his nightmares to manifest in real life. A new family adopts him, unaware of the traumatic events that the child has gone through, and find it troubling when the child uses everything possible to refrain from falling asleep. This film provides a chilling, supernatural approach to the nightmares that wake us up at night. Filled with the mixture of psychology, fantasy, and the supernatural, this psychological, horror film is yet another scary movie to add to your list that will leave quite the impression!

Before I Wake scary movie poster
Netflix- Cody having a realistic nightmare

3. The Silence

I’m sure you have heard of or watched the movies Bird Box and The Quiet Place, where people are forced to disregard either their sight or sound for survival. The Silence was inspired by the same idea with nightmarish creatures taking over the world. Ally, a teenage girl, lives with her parents, grandmother, and brother as they all try to figure out how to escape these blind bat-like creatures. In addition, Ally is deaf and communicates through sign language, but a certain cult group is determined to lure her in. This chilling movie is sure to have you waiting for what’s to come next in this apocalyptic world.

Scene from scary movie The Silence
Netflix- family fighting for survival

4. Insidious

Insidious has become a classic horror film centered around the paranormal activity that every horror fan has grown to love. But unlike the Paranormal Activity movies, this one goes more in-depth into the afterlife. As a family is disturbed by a demonic figure with unseen forces, they call a psychic and an investigator to figure out why their life has become a living hell. The family soon finds out that their child, Dalton, has a strange ability to mentally travel to the astral world where angels, spirits, and other beings reside in. Dalton is unable to control his mind and finds himself lost in the purgatory realm where the tortured souls lie. Therefore, Josh, the father, must figure out a way to rescue Dalton before it’s too late. Be prepared to hide under the blankets as the astral world and the physical world start to blur together.

boy stuck in spiritual world in Insidious
Netflix- boy posessed

5. The Ring

The movie franchise, The Ring, is based on the Japanese horror film, Ring, directed by Hideo Nakata. The origin behind the long black-haired girl is from the Japanese myth of a vengeful spirit coming back to life for their cruel or wrongful death. After hearing about a series of strange deaths occurring, a journalist takes the initiative to investigate a cursed videotape that ultimately kills whoever watches it after seven days. Not just this movie, but all the sequels give off an eerie feeling as we continuously ask ourselves if we should watch the tape showing on the television screen.

black haired woman coming out of tv in The Ring
Netflix- the vengeful spirit

6. In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is a film inspired by Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novella, so be prepared for a good amount of mind tricks. A pregnant woman by the name of Becky decides to travel to San Diego with Cal to live with her aunt but is stopped by the call of help from a little boy in the grass behind a church. Once they find the boy, all three of them spend all day trying to find the way out of the tall grass but just when they thought the exit was near, the grass releases voices, sending them in circles. Meanwhile, the father of Becky’s baby, Travis, ends up also stopping by the church when finding out Becky’s van is parked there. Lastly, In the Tall Grass offers a chilling game of ‘Marco Polo’ that may not guarantee your survival.

In The Tall Grass movie poster
Netflix- in tall grass

7. The Ritual

Luke and Rob enter a shop to buy drinks after meeting their friends. They both end up caught between a robbery, resulting in Rob’s death. A few months later, the remaining four boys decide to embark on a hiking trip in Sweden. After one of the boys injures themselves, the group suggests a shortcut through the woods. Soon enough, they encounter weird symbols and dead animals on trees. Luke and his friends fall victim to the strange witchcraft, but some end up more affected than others. After leaving the cabin scarred for life, the boys come across a group of people who live in the woods. Then, the strange people in the woods start preparing a sacrifice for a mythical creature in order to gain immortality. The Ritual is a perfect scary movie with just the right amount of jumpscares.

The Ritual scary movie on Netflix
Netflix- the ritual

8. Polaroid

The scary movie Polaroid offers a gruesome look into the antiques world. Bird works in an antique shop with her friend Tyler, who gifts her an antique Polaroid camera. Within a day, she becomes alarmed by Tyler’s sudden death. Bird disregards the smudge in Tyler’s photo, not believing in the strange coincidence. At a party, she takes pictures of her friends not knowing the deadly consequences. After her friends start to die one by one, she then realizes that the smudge in the photo is a dark, shadowy figure wanting revenge. How will she stop the figure in the camera from killing people?

Movie poster for Polaroid on Netflix
Netflix-polaroid movie

9. Hush

I had to include a slasher film in the list, and Hush happens to be it! Maddie is a deaf author that lives in an isolated home in the woods. She lives a normal life, discussing her writing with her friend Sarah. But one night, Sarah runs to Maddie’s house and yells for help to escape a masked killer. However, she is not able to escape. Afterward, the man finds interest in Maddie and decides to make her the next victim. Hush builds up anticipation as a battle lies between the masked killer and the deaf woman, Maddie. Get ready to be on the edge of your seat!

Movies poster for scary movie Hush
Netflix- Hush movie

10. Girl on the Third Floor

Girl on the Third Floor offers a whole new level of creepy with unexplainable supernatural events occurring within the house. Don decides to start his life anew by purchasing an old Victorian-style house in Chicago with the goal to renovate it himself for his family. As Don begins to work on the house little by little, he notices leaks and oily fluids coming out of the walls. But, Don insists on fixing up the house even with the next-door neighbor that refuses to leave him alone. As he pushes his neighbor away, the supernatural forces in the house begin to gain momentum, wreaking havoc on Don’s life. Girl on the Third Floor creates a new supernatural and psychological perspective to the horror that leaves us remembering the movie way after the credits roll.

Scariest movies: girl on third floor poster
Netflix- girl on third floor

There you have it! The Top 10 scariest movies on Netflix that will leave a chill like no other. Most of them I would not recommend watching after dark. For more entertainment, check out sarahscoop.com!

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