Schitt’s Creek Workout Guide

With “Schitt’s Creek” sweeping at the Emmy’s, people have been flocking to Netflix to binge the hilarious Canadian series. If you want to watch the show, but feel guilty about sitting on the sofa, don’t worry! Here is our “Schitt’s Creek” workout guide that you can use while watching the show!

1. Every time Alexis says, “Ew David!” or just whines “David,” do 10 push-ups. This alone is sure to get you in shape.

2. When you see Moira reading a book or magazine, laugh at the title and proceed to do 10 crunches.

3. Whenever Johnny comes up with a new business plan for the Rosebud Motel or helps David at the Rose Apothecary to try and get their family fortune back, do 10 lunges.

4. Every time Moira’s treasured wigs are mentioned, do 10 jumping jacks. They’re treated like another member of the family, so they have many appearances and mentions.

5. Whenever Alexis drops the name of a celebrity she knows or has met, do 20 sit-ups.

6. David is known for his sarcasm. Every time he makes a great sarcastic comeback, do a 15-second plank.

7. Whenever the Rose family eats at the Café Tropical, work off your breakfast by doing 10 squats.

8. Every time Ray shows up doing a new job in the town, do 10 burpees. He seems to show up with a new occupation every few episodes, so prepare yourself!

We hope you work up a sweat while watching Schitt’s Creek with this workout guide! Comment down below what show you want us to do a workout guide for next.

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