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The Scoop on Chase McNary from The Bachelorette

Most know Chase McNary as the second runner-up on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. He made a splash in Bachelor Nation for his genuine personality and ability to open up about his parents difficult divorce. Now Chase is taking the fitness world by storm with the launch of his 30 day sweat challenge Left Side Lion, partnership with activewear company LeisureLetics and recent signing with Wilhelmina Models.

We got the chance to interview Chase and get the scoop on his new career, his memories from The Bachelorette and why you won’t be seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise.

You’re very involved in fitness, travel and positivity. What does your daily life look like?

My daily life is all about the entrepreneur mentality. From sun up to sun down, and then some, I am focusing on being a better me and learning how to transition that into a solid message to help others become better themselves.

What are your tips for leading a more balanced lifestyle?

My tip for leading a more balanced life is you have to be able to fall in love with your day-to-day. Everything in your life is about your attitude. It’s the one and only thing that you and only you have control over. So, in every situation, consider your attitude. Consider your thoughts and always, always choose positivity.

You often begin your Snapchat with “Today’s going to be a great day.” Why does that mantra hold such importance in your life?

I firmly believe that if you can wake up and start your day with one positive thought, your entire attitude for that day will change and you will undoubtedly have more great days than average days. Today is going to be a good day!

You’ve maintained close relationships with lots of guys in Bachelor Nation. Why are those friendships important to you and what do you guys like doing together?

Being in Bachelor Nation is a small family of people that have been through an experience that no one else can really relate to. Because of that we can all relate to the experience and it (the friendship) has a lot to do with more than just filming the show. Essentially overnight, we go from being just regular guys to  really, really well known guys. Everyone seems to think they know us and because of that, we become very approachable in public.
The friendships are important to me because this has been a huge chapter change in my life and they are all going through the same thing. Ultimately, we are growing into new phases of life together. I enjoy traveling, and creating content with the other guys when they are around.

What made you sign up for The Bachelorette?

With the Bachelorette, I stumbled into the casting call in Denver as a joke with a few of my good hometown friends. I didn’t actually expect anything from going other than just a playful adventure. I had the right conversation with the right person and my life changed forever.

What made you hesitant to join Paradise?

 My reservations for paradise came from the development of my two companies. I wanted to stay on track with the launch of Left Side Lion, LLC, get my feet on the ground as a fitness model in LA, and keep LeisureLetics headed in the right direction.

Though you may not be on Paradise, many of your friends are. What are you most excited to see?

I am excited to see how they depict the drama of the suspension (of filming) and, of course, how my boy Robby does on the show!

Did you watch Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette? If so, what are your thoughts?

I was only able to catch the tail end of Rachel’s season. They seemed like an interesting group of guys. I am glad she was able to find happiness with Bryan.

What is your favorite memory of or experience as a result of being on The Bachelorette?

My best memory has been all of the traveling both during and after the show, as well as meeting so many true celebrities. The highlight was probably meeting Sam Hunt.

You were recently on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud. What was that like?

Family Feud was a blast. I was proud I could bring home the victory for the boys and for Luke’s charity, CreatiVet.

What is your dating life like now and what do you look for in a woman?

Since moving to LA, I have really slowed down on the dating. I’m focusing more on personal growth right now. But I’m always looking for a strong, driven, successful, independent, gorgeous girl who can continue to challenge me as an individual.

What is your advice for someone who wants to be on The Bachelor/ette?

Go into it with an open heart and mind. It will change your life regardless and don’t be the dramatic guy or girl because they never come out on top.

What are your upcoming projects?

My biggest project is just the growth of Left Side Lion. I am also in the process of becoming a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) through NASM so I can build my company in that direction as well.

What is your go-to fitness or lifestyle advice for someone who wants to make a change?

Commit to the change and don’t stop until you get there. Because you will find you get addicted to the results, you get addicted to feeling good and you never really reach your best so fall in love with the process not that result.

It’s great to see Chase is making the most of his post Bachelorette life and we can’t wait to see what his future holds.

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