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From marketing expert to full-time certified yogi, Jennifer Glass has done it all! Jen is now the CEO of KORE MOVEMENT, her business that is all about her passion and way of life: yoga. Jennifer Glass is also a part of our beloved Kansas City Royals family! To get all the insight on everything yoga and Royals check out our Q&A below with Jennifer Glass. Trust me, you want to read it.

I read on your blog that you have ties in Laguna Beach and in Kansas, which one do you mostly call home?

Kansas! I was born and raised in Leawood, KS and live in Leawood now. I lived in Southern California and while living there I created KORE MOVEMENT. I did all my yoga training in Southern California and travel to LA often to meet with my KORE MOVEMENT team, clients, continue trainings and keep me ahead of the trends.

You have degrees in Journalism and Marketing, so what made you get into yoga full-time?

Worked in global advertising, marketing and social media for a decade. Have created and led marketing strategies for some of the world’s most iconic brands. While working in this world in Orange County, CA I spent most of my time directly at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc headquarters as well as the studios such as Dreamworks working on clients such as Wendy’s and Colgate. Working in advertising and marketing commands insane work hours in a very high pressure environment. The company that recruited me out to Orange County, CA hired me to lead their largest client which was 80% of their business. I was the youngest female leading the biggest team and on a board of all men under high pressure. Traveling all over and often coast to coast. I absolutely loved what I did but was constantly insanely stressed, was under unhealthy pressure/demands and working insane hours that are very natural to the advertising/marketing/digital world.

While working my wrists started to hurt. So badly that my doctors required me to resign from my career and demanded I take an entire year off to heal my wrists. I was perfectly healthy, the injury was simply from overuse. I had literally ripped muscles and tendons from excessive computer use, typing, repetitive motion. For a Type A “go go go” personality the idea of taking a day off work was unimaginable. I was always the type that continued working while on vacation. I had never been sick, never had an injury and have NEVER heard of the notion of “listening to your body, mindfulness, putting myself first” …I never took breaks…I am an insanely driven, high output, high efficiency person which has made me successful career wise but I quickly learned it wasn’t sustainable. It was years of overuse which many millennials face today with the excessive overuse of repetitive motions (iphones, ipads, laptops, etc). It took an entire year of nearly ZERO use of my wrists (think brushing your teeth, getting ready, opening a bottle…everything I did felt like knives were stabbing me…it was the nerves being compressed by all the inflammation from my injuries)….

Progressive doctors and physical therapy healed me. But then I needed to learn how to maintain the healing because if I went back to my old ways I could re-injure and be back at square one. My progressive doctor (who is now apart of KORE MOVEMENT overseeing our yoga programs) gave me a holistic life plan which included incorporating specific vitamins, food and taking up yoga. Yoga? I had taken a couple yoga classes but thought it was SO boring, weird, hippie, slow, not a workout! I couldn’t sit still for a minute. The first classes I took I snuck out at the end (savasana which ive now learned is the most important part) because I couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes…I had better things to do.

Then when I was in California I met with a gal Megan who was written about as the most sought after Yogi in all of the US. She connected me with a “completely different kind of yoga” in my mind. I started taking classes from some of the most inspirational, creative, unique yoga instructors and fell in love with the euphoric after yoga feeling and for the first time in my life I was not stressed. I went back to Megan and she connected me with the top yoga trainers and programs so I could get my yoga certification. I had ZERO intention of EVER TEACHING YOGA….I was a business executive! My purpose for doing the training program was to learn “the right way to do yoga” from the “best of the best” so I didnt injure myself again and it gave me something to do for 8 hours a day for 4 months straight while I was still healing and couldn’t do any form of going back to work yet. It was absolutely TRANSFORMATIVE.

I learned to not only de stress but transcend stress ALL TOGETHER, to train my mind on and off the yoga mat, the trainings I went through were extremely progressive and robust in which I learned way more than most programs offer…I learned the “business, legal, marketing of the yoga industry,” specialized training in teaching yoga for “kids, teens, specific injuries, all sorts of health topics such as scoliosis, yoga for golfers/runners/professional athletes, pre/post natal yoga.” I wanted to help other people experience the benefits of the type of teaching style I’d learned so they could experience that yoga more so than anything else was the solution to nearly everything! Stress, anxiety, insomnia, injuries, weight loss, building muscle, etc could all be solved by yoga lightyears beyond what a couple glasses of wine, prescription pain meds, etc would do for someone. It was a complete lifestyle transformation for me and it’s a part of everything I do in life now. The type I teach gets you in the best shape of your life which is a SIDE EFFECT of the bigger benefit which is transcending stress, increasing focus, learning to not only deal with anything going on in life but to flourish. If I became just a yoga teacher I could help “some people” but if I created a national brand, a national company then I could help SO many more people.

I birthed KORE MOVEMENT which leverages my expertise I’ve garnered from a decade in marketing and advertising…it’s essentially the same thing I have always been doing but the “client” …the “product” is different. Instead of coming up with creative ideas and programs for Fox Studios, Dreamworks, SONIC etc I was now coming up with creative ideas for yoga programs and clients are now gyms, schools, yoga studios, dance studios, corporations, etc. KORE MOVEMENT’S business approach and philosophies internally are very mindful, everyone who works for KORE MOVEMENT is certified in yoga and has done all training in Southern California so it’s a group of progressive, like-minded, incredible people all with the highest quality, highest training possible.

What advice would you give to a beginner yogi?

JUST BEGIN! Anything new is scary. Just walk into your first yoga class and tell the instructor it’s your first class. There are so many forms and approaches to yoga these days so keep an open mindset…you may have to try several different studios and several different instructors til you find the one that’s the best fit for you. Remember that EVERYONE was a beginner at once and that everyone looked ridiculous when they started and they still may. I always tell my students to leave their ego at the door, that the practice is for THEM and it’s about being intelligent enough to know what YOUR body needs.

Somedays you may want to take many, many breaks throughout the class, other days you may want to try out the more advanced options being offered….the smart yogi is the one who knows it’s about looking within, doing what YOU need and not caring what anyone else thinks! I have many private yoga lesson students who come to me because they want to learn the “basics and the right way” to do yoga movements in a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental environment versus joining a big group class. I think this is the smartest way to start. Just like when I started golf…I started with lesson to ensure I learned the right way to not injure myself and to ensure I avoided  “bad habits.” Same holds true for yoga. Once my students feel they have a handle on things i’ll go to their first group classes with them, get to know their likes/dislikes to recommend the best studio/instructors to start incorporating group classes, etc.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

It varies based on what my body and mind are needing most during each practice but overall I’d say HANDSTAND. Yes it’s a “fancier” pose but it means SO much to me because for over a year I had ZERO range of motion in my wrists and was told I’d never be able to put that much pressure on my wrists. But through my enhanced trainings I’ve learned the right way to do things and the empowerment + amazing wrist stretch of handstands are my FAV.

Could you tell us ways that yoga helps your overall health?

Yoga awakens you  to live more consciously and purposefully in all aspects of your life: your nutrition, your health, your relationships, your career, your finances, and your time. You will find that your priorities change and the toxic habits and negative patterns you cling to will dissolve; your heart will be made new.

A list would be: Improves Strength, Balance & Flexibility of the MIND and BODY, perfects posture, builds muscle strength, makes you HAPPIER, founds a healthy LIFESTYLE, bone health, blood flow, immunity, maintains your nervous system, ups heart rate/drops blood pressure, releases tension, transcends stress all together, increases self esteem/confidence, eases pain, connects you with guidance, builds awareness (mindfulness), helps you serve others….I could go on forever… 🙂

Who would you say is your go-to yogi? The yogi you idolize the most.

I have so much respect for SO many yogis. A different one for different areas of focus. The common thread is they all trained in LA and teach in LA. Coming from a research/marketing background I really go broader by reading and researching about Wellness overall and yoga techniques, practices, trends overall versus a particular person.

How often should one practice yoga?

A smart goal would be 3-4 times a week. While yoga can safely be practice on a daily basis I’m adamant about taking at least one day off to rest.  Completely depends. Each plan I craft for private lesson clients is completely different. Starting your day with 15 minutes of yoga or meditation will change your world though.

What would say to someone that is totally lacking flexibility (like myself), but still wants to try yoga?

That’s the biggest question I get ….. “How can I do yoga i’m not flexible.” Yoga GIVES You what you need….if you need flexibility of the body, flexibility of hte mind, strength, energy, to find calmness…whatever you need, yoga gives you. There’s a level, version, format for EVERYONE. Yoga LITERALLY is for EVERYONE and ANYONE no matter the size, shape, age, health, etc all you have to do is be open minded. That’s IT.

Switching gears, what was your childhood like growing up fully immersed in sports?

Family and family time always came first. I did modeling, commercials and then in the summers performed at Starlight + Theater in the Park. Dance studios were my second home. I’d go straight from school everyday to ballet class or some sort of dance. From dance team in high school, modeling for Lee Jeans all throughout high school and volunteer work my non stop energy began at a young age and allowed me to fit in plenty of family and friend time. Blessed to have a strong group of friends since elementary school and we still all get together often.

What’s your favorite thing about going to a Royals game?

WINNING 🙂 I love everything about it but family time is the best part.

Who is your favorite player on the Royals? (past or present)

Mike Sweeney. Because we always talk Yoga together 🙂 He is into the same type of yoga that I am into but he’s always been my favorite player in general… He’s a true/genuine Christian which is evident via his community work, being an amazing husband + dad and fun player to watch.

You currently live in KC for most of the year, what is your favorite thing to do here?

Go to Royals games. 🙂

Favorite restaurant in Kansas City?

Most often I visit the pressed juice restaurants. I love cooking, always trying out new recipes (gluten free, etc of course 🙂 My favorite is trying anything new that pops up in Kansas City. We have such an incredible array of local restaurants and chefs I love this city. An all time favorite is YaYas….since i was little it’s a place my family and I tend to always end up at together for celebrations or “lunch w/ mom” 🙂

What is your guilty pleasure?

Huge sweet tooth! My homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Winstead’s or In-And-Out?

Winstead’s kids grilled cheese :). I don’t eat red meat so my ventures to In-And-Out entail buying milkshakes and many tshirts over the years 🙂

Besides yoga, what are other ways you take care of your body?

Yoga has become a lifestyle overall. I love trying new things and then often times find myself incorporating them into a yoga “routine.” I love KC but my soul is most at home in CA because I LOVE hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, running. I change it up with incorporating any sort of dance classes, barre, pilates or the latest trend occurring when I’m in LA.

Could you tell us your daily routine?

I travel a lot so my day is never the same. I like to change it up and keep my mind and body on it’s toes. One consistent is that I start each morning with a yoga practice. It may be a practice simply for building strength in my wrists, restorative if I’m feeling I need more balance/calmness or my favorite a sweat dripping, heart rate skyrocketing, handstanding vinyasa class. I do my own home practice when in Kansas City. When traveling I have my favorite stops but always try out new places to keep the ideas flowing and my mind/body guessing.

Majority of my day entails meeting with clients, creating branding/marketing/social media strategies or working with my team to create new yoga programs. I love, love, love working on KORE MOVEMENT so much I literally could do it 24/7 and it’s what I enjoy doing in my free time but I’ve learned to maintain balance. We all take “I-Breaks” …meaning we purposefully stop throughout the day to take complete breaks, stretch and check in with ourselves. There’s always a business event, volunteer outing, training I’m leading or taking myself, airplane to catch in-between. Evenings with family watching our boys in blue (Royals Games).

Finally, what is a quote that you constantly live by?

CHOOSE to be happy. We can choose how we react and how we feel. Why not chose to be happy? We truly are what we think. Thoughts because actual feelings in our body after 8 seconds. Choose your thoughts wisely.

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CALLING ALL KANSAS CITY LOCALS! Jennifer is teaching at the Kansas City Royals “Yogis in the Outfield” on Sunday, September 10th! Don’t miss it!

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