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The Scoop on The Real Housewives of Dallas’ LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne Locken is one of the women featured on Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Dallas series. From her charity work to filming the show LeeAnne has been taking Dallas by storm! Check out our Q&A below to get to know LeeAnne off camera and in her everyday life!

1. What made you want to be apart of the Real Housewives of Dallas?

I had previously been on the reality show “She’s Got the Look” on TV Land and so I was already aware of what could happen. I thought I was more prepared because of my experience, until I saw the final edit. After Season 1 my thought process was, it can’t get any worse! I choose to become a part of RHOD because I felt that the platform would hopefully help me help some smaller non-profits in Dallas that are very dear to my heart! And it has! For that, I am beyond grateful!

2. How has your everyday life changed after being on the show?

It hasn’t! I have been working in the entertainment/TV industry for over 25 years. I learned a long time ago, to stay grounded and be real! Fame is fleeting. Celebrity is fleeting. Just be GRATEFUL for what you have right now and where you are! If the show continues to be successful, wonderful. The show is NOT my whole life! While the show certainly allows viewers a peek into my world, my world goes on when the cameras stop. I still get up, take care of my household & continue to grow my businesses.

3. What is the hardest part about being on the show?

While we are filming the hardest part is FREE time! The normal stuff that most people don’t think of. Getting to just watch TV or spend silly time with friends. Our time is VERY managed and so when we are done filming it’s like YIPEE!!

4. What has been you favorite part of being on the show?

The AUDIENCE!! I absolutely LOVE tweeting, instagramming or face booking with our viewers! I have developed some truly wonderful friends and supporters from people who simply took the time to engage with me. What you see ON TV isn’t ALL of me! I love to be funny and sassy and I am so happy for social media allowing me to share that part of me!

5. Is there anything viewers don’t get to see from you on the show? 

Of course! Viewers don’t get to see the WHOLE situation. We may film for 8-10 hours on one scene and then when it airs the viewers get to see like 15 minutes of it. So all the times where Tiffany & I laughed our booties off together ended up on the cutting room floor. That part is incredibly sad to me. I also believe that Season 1 was VERY one note for me. I am hoping that viewers are patient and wait to see the rest of my well rounded symphony! LOL

6. In the first season, viewers were given a look at some of your charity work. Is that still an important part of your life?

100% My grandmother taught me to live a life of service. If my other cast members want to make fun of that, let them. In the end, the GOOD I do for others isn’t for or about them, it’s about the person I am trying to help! THAT is all that matters to me! I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming joy I get from living a life of service. I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

7. What current projects are you working on outside of the show?

I am currently building my career as an Inspirational Speaker, which I love. I have started a pop-up shop on my website showcasing things that I love to wear so that I can share them. In my current pop-up are sunglasses. Coming soon will be jewelry. I continue to publish my daily inspirational blog, you can find it both on my website, and on Facebook under Inspiration by LeeAnne Locken. My charity work is never ending and I love that!

8. What can fans of the RHOD expect in the upcoming second season?

I believe that with producers who truly care about the show, the second season offers an opportunity for each cast member to have THEIR story fully shown. A chance for the viewers to see deep into each persons life. Who knows what truths might emerge, what relationships might be challenged and what friendships might be formed. My favorite bible verse is Acts 2:25 “I have pitched my tent in the land of HOPE!” That is how I feel about everyday and especially about the second season!

9. While the first season left off at the reunion with drama between much of the cast, do you think those relationships can be repaired or will there continue to be tension between everyone?

I think the maturity levels vary greatly in our group and because of that there will always be drama. That is incredibly sad to me. There was so much over the top nastiness created before we ever started filming that certain cast member have NEVER even considered giving me a chance. I am very excited about the opportunity of introducing new cast members! You never know what kind of Unicorn is out there waiting to be discovered!

10. What is one quote that you try to live by everyday?

Acts 2:25 Bible verse “I have pitched my tent in the land of HOPE!” Without hope that things can get better we are lost. Everyday I wake up with a heart full of hope!

You can keep up with LeeAnne through her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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Ruth Ann Spivey

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

I don't know what New Testament she is quoting from but my Acts 2:25 says something completely different. She doesn't know her Bible.

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