The Scoop on ScreenPLAY at B&B Theaters

ScreenPLAY, an all new, interactive moviegoing experience has just opened up at B&B Shawnee 18!  This new theater is the first of its kind in the Midwest and has been specifically designed to appeal to children.  The new auditorium is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I would highly recommend that you check it out!



The first thing that caught my eye in the auditorium was the enormous slide adjacent to the screen.  I was very surprised by its incredible height and length and was impressed by the structure as well.  I definitely would’ve loved this slide when I was little and the kids in the theater seemed to love it too!  Along with a slide, the auditorium has an incredible climbing playground that is fun and safe for children to play on before the movie starts.  Don’t worry if your child isn’t old enough to play on the large facility yet, because there’s also an area that’s specifically for toddlers.  It features a fun plastic hippo and alligator and has plenty of room for your child to play.  


In addition to the play facilities, the auditorium features brightly colored seats and vibrant wall coverings to unleash your inner child.  It is recommended that viewers arrive about 20 minutes prior to showtime, so that your kids have time to climb on the facilities before the movie begins.  Even if you don’t want to play on the facilities, you won’t be bored with the fun and interactive on-screen games and activities featured in the auditorium.  Before the movie starts, the screen plays a video explaining the rules and safety tips of the auditorium.  After the rules are recited, the audience is able to participate in games such as “guess that movie poster” and “spot the difference.”  There’s even a fun dance party that kids can participate in, complete with a real disco ball!  The screen also shows a running “play timer” that counts down the time before the movie starts.  When the timer ends, kids can take their seats and enjoy the movie!  

When the movie is about halfway through, viewers can enjoy a 15 minute intermission to use the restroom, grab some snacks or play on the facilities.  An intermission gives children a nice break from sitting still and allows them to release some of their energy, so that when the movie starts back up again, they can be fully engaged.  

ScreenPLAY is currently open to the public and is the perfect summer activity to bring your children to!  Make sure to check out this fantastic auditorium and stop by B&B Theaters to see all of your favorite flicks!

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