Sean Lowe Live-Tweeted While Rewatching His Season of “The Bachelor” With His Wife and It’s Hilarious

Sean Lowe was the bright-eyed bushy-tailed face of The Bachelor in 2013 and people have been comparing other seasons of the show to his ever since. The smiley blond won over the hearts of reality tv fans everywhere. His televised love story is one that the franchise brags about often because it’s proof that sometimes the process actually works. Sean and Catherine got engaged during the show’s finale, got married a year later, and now have 3 kids and a happy life to show for it.

Bachelor Nation” is a content-consuming machine and Chris Harrison always seems to find a way to feed the monster. The 3-hour special that premiered on June 8th was a condensed version of Sean’s season, which was full of drama, tears, and extravagant dates- as any good Bachelor season should be. The tv special left audiences with a few questions: 1) Could every season of The Bachelor be shortened into one episode? If so, how much time have I wasted? 2) How tense is the Lowe household right now?

The only thing more awkward than setting the World Record for longest continuous kiss is watching it back with your wife (who is not the woman you were kissing)

The secondhand embarrassment was strong during this scene.

Sean when he tells the camera crew that a different woman could be his future wife…

We’re proud of Catherine for her impressive amount of self-control. You go, girl!

We love a man who says it like it is!

There’s nothing better than a man owning up to his mistakes. This tweet is too good, Sean. Keep this content coming.

Oh to be a former Bachelor contestant co-viewing every romantic interaction between you and your 25 ex-girlfriends with your current spouse

Catherine is a good sport, but we wouldn’t have wanted to be Sean last night.

Catherine and Sean Lowe are fan favorites of “Bachelor Nation”. The couple and their ridiculously adorable children are proof that reality tv love can really work when you meet the right person.

For more brutally honest and hilarious tweets, make sure to follow Sean. For content that will without a doubt cause baby fever, follow the Lowe family on Instagram.

Though the Bachelor franchise may never produce another love story quite as sweet as this one again, we were glad to relive this happily ever after. There are countless examples of reality television not being the best way to meet your soulmate, but Catherine and Sean Lowe remain a beautiful exception. If you’re a Bachelor hopeful, this could be you. Just know that in 7 years time, you might have to sit down with your husband/wife and rewatch every date, kiss, and conversation you had with all your exes. Everything has a price, I guess.

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