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Season 2 Of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Review: After the Tapes

In Season 2 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, the saga at Liberty High continues. The tapes are out and everyone knows Hannah Baker’s full story. Thus, the Bakers do not back down and accept a settlement from the school. Many of our main characters go to court to testify, hoping that they can bring Hannah the justice she deserves.

If you like teen and young adult series, then 13 Reasons Why would be the perfect show for you! The series is for highly mature audiences due to graphic depictions of sensitive topics. Viewers are in for a treat in Season 2. From court hearings, new faces and the return of an old one, blackmail, and crazy revenge, Season 2 will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Here is the scoop on what we love about Season 2 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why!

Flashbacks Beyond the Tapes

Hannah and Zach in 13 reasons why
13 Reasons Why- Netflix

Like Season 1, Season 2 understands that time is not linear. It too uses a lot of flashbacks, especially in the courtroom during the testimonies. However, these flashbacks do much more for the show’s story this season. In Season 1, our view of the past was limited to Hannah’s tapes and Clay’s memories. This season, we get to look into the memories of other people in Hannah’s life.

In addition, we get to see more interactions with Hannah and her parents during various flashbacks. From these, we can see that Olivia was a bit critical of Hannah, sometimes making comments about her appearance. From this, we can see that Hannah’s parents have expectations of her. This may have made Hannah uncomfortable telling them about what was going on at school. If she had told them, they may have freaked out about their precious little Hannah doing these unacceptable things instead of giving her the proper advice and help she needs.


Zach and Bryce
13 Reasons Why- Netflix

In Season 2, one of the major themes is accountability as many characters struggle with the consequences of their actions.

For instance, Hannah’s parents struggle to take responsibility for their part of the pain that Hannah was going through. For example, when Hannah catches Andy cheating on Olivia, he fails to give a proper apology. He tells Hannah that it is hard to learn that her parents are not perfect, completely swerving accountability. After looking back on this instance, Andy and Olivia realize that they were a part of why Hannah was hurting. Olivia realizes that instead of trying to push it under the rug, she should have properly addressed the situation with her daughter and made sure that she was okay. While the school should have done more for Hannah, it is important that the Bakers realize the discomfort they brought on her. Discomfort to the point where she could not talk to them openly.

Liberty High’s baseball team also has accountability issues, especially Bryce Walker. Because he is a white rich male high school athlete, he is able to get away with anything. Too many rich people are able to get themselves out of facing punishment for horrendous crimes. 13 Reasons Why teaches that everyone needs to be held accountable and that no one should get special treatment.

High Schools and Mental Health

Kevin Porter
13 Reasons Why- Netflix

Another real-life issue that is excellently tackled in Season 2 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is how poorly most high schools handle the mental health of their students.

For instance, many do not properly train guidance counselors nor give them adequate protocols. This is seen at Liberty High when Hannah goes to Mr. Porter for help. Although she alludes to wanting to commit suicide and clearly needs help, Mr. Porter lets her go. Because she did not say the exact words the protocol requires her to say for Mr. Porter to help her, he does nothing. After listening to the tape, Mr. Porter realizes that the protocol needs to change. It is hard for someone to outright admit they are suicidal. Guidance counselors need to be more educated on the signs of a struggling student. Furthermore, they should be allowed to give them proper help, even if the calls for help are vague.

Another issue that modern-day high schools tend to have with suicide is addressing it. Many high schools tell their students about it in health class but dare not speak of the suicides of their own students. They then expect for the living students to go on with their lives as if nothing happened, with no emails offering counseling or other resources. After Hannah’s death, Liberty High puts up posters that give the wrong messages about it. And after Alex Standall’s attempt, everything is suddenly swept under the rug. It is clear that the school thinks that talking about suicide will cause more of them. Fed up, Clay confronts the principal about this as, “Silence is never the answer.” 13 Reasons Why shows that leaving students who just lost a classmate with nothing creates more mental health issues.

Everything Affects Everything

Clay and Hannah
13 Reasons Why- Netflix

One of the most profound scenes from Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is actually when Clay and Hannah are alone together. Though it comes from a silly moment, the words spoken are very wise. Here, they talk about how everything affects everything. Thus, everyone affects everyone. Clay and Hannah realize that they would not be the same if they had not met one another. As a result, this affects other people that they know and that they will meet.

Therefore, while each person may think that they are small in this big world, that is completely untrue. Every single person matters and makes a difference in this world. If one person were to never exist, everything would be completely different. With this scene, 13 Reasons Why teaches viewers their importance in the grand scheme of things. All of our actions make a huge impact and it is up to the individual to decide what kind of difference they would like to make.

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