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Season 5 Of Netflix’s Selling Sunset Review: A Breathtaking View Of The Oppenheim Group

Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset not only opens doors to luxury homes but also to juicy drama as well. Selling Sunset features The Oppenheim Group real estate agency and its agents and brokers. Between new romances, returning enemies, and the debut of a new agent, Season 5 is one for the books.

If you enjoy luxury real estate and love reality TV, Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset is the perfect show to watch. Selling Sunset is not your average real-estate show. It stands out as it focuses on the agents more than the clients.

Here is the scoop on the highlights of Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset!

An Office Romance

Chrishell and Jason selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

One hot topic of Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset is Jason and Christine’s relationship. The couple admitted that this had begun during Season 4. However, back then, they had been sneaking around as the majority of the office did not know. While most are surprised by the news, it is not the most shocking thing. Most of the cast describes Jason as someone who dates around but never really settles down. While most of the cast is supportive, they are a bit worried for Chrishell. Mary used to date Jason so they know how Jason has commitment issues. At the same time, all the agents note that with Chrishell, Jason is a changed man. He seems to be much happier with Chrishell and everyone tells her that she is his “game-changer.”

While Jason and Chrishell’s love is definitely pure and true, there is one person who disagrees. Right off the bat, Christine talks about her jealousy of Chrishell.

Friendship Drama

The girls at a listing.
Selling Sunset- Netflix

Throughout Season 5, Christine is the center of the friendship drama. At the beginning of the season, she does not have many friends at the office. Many of the agents state that she has burned some bridges in the past. However, Christine still has some friends who are willing to stick by her. She burns the rest of the bridges when she goes after the friend who roots for her the most.

Office Changes

Selling Sunset- Netflix

In Season 5 of Selling Sunset, The Oppenheim Group faces quite a few changes to the office. First, Christine is back from maternity leave and most of the other agents are not happy as she tends to bring lots of conflicts. She befriends Chelsea, a very talented luxury real-estate agent. Christine feels like she will be a great fit for the office and has her meet the other agents. Many are hesitant at first as Christine is the one who is bringing her in. Everyone greets her with an open mind as they realize it would be unfair to judge her upon her friendship with Christine.

What viewers will find to be the most shocking is that Chelsea’s first friend at the office ends up leaving. During a viewing, Emma breaks the news to Mary that Christine tried to bribe one of her clients to buy a house from her instead of Emma. As this is extremely unprofessional, Mary tells Jason. As they have confirmed with the client that Christine’s bribing was true, Jason agrees with Mary that this is something that she should be fired over.

Love is Love

Selling Sunset- Netflix

Viewers become devastated by Chrishell and Jason’s breakup. Though it breaks our hearts, we are very proud of how maturely they are both handling it. While Jason should not be forced to have kids if he is not ready to be a father, Chrishell should not settle for someone who does not want to be a parent as much as she does. It is very important for couples to be on the same page. Both seem to be very respectful of the fact that they both have different needs and wants that cannot be met with them having a romantic relationship together.

Also, since the end of the season, Chrishell has started dating someone new and Jason is very happy for her. With it being Pride Month, it thrills us that Chrishell announced her relationship with Australian singer G Flip in the reunion episode. Chrishell proudly tells the cast that her new partner is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. LGBTQ+ Selling Sunset fans will love this heartwarming coming-out moment. The entire cast is very supportive of Chrishell as they applaud her for being so brave to talk about her queerness. The ladies express their queer allyship and that all that matters is Chrishell’s happiness.

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