SECURAM Touch + Hub Product Review

In this era of technology we pretty much have everything we want at our fingertips. We are constantly shopping, socializing, or checking the news on our tech devices. So, it is important to have peace of mind when securing out personal assets. The SECURAM Touch + Hub smart lock, by SecuRam Systems, Inc., can provide that peace of mind for your home.

SECURAM Touch (in box)

What is the SECURAM Touch + Hub

  • The SECURAM Touch + Hub is a first-of-its-kinds home security bundle that allows you to lock and unlock your home using a sophisticated, yet simple, application — your fingerprint.
  • It also features an additional layer of security through a unique one time code encryption algorithm.
  • Manage your smart lock remotely with you iOS or Android device, so you can lock or unlock your door from wherever you are.

Bundle Features

SECURAM Touch (unboxed)


SecuRam Systems, Inc. is one of the best producers of commercial safe locks (i.e. commercial, corporate, and bank security locks). They strategically designed the SECURAM Touch + Hub with milled metal with a stainless steel bolt. This prevents tampering of the lock, so don’t mess with it.

Extra Security for Peace of Mind

Th SECURAM Touch + Hub is protected through an AES 128-bit encryption. So, your information and home access is very secure. Also, up to 30 approved users can unlock the smart lock with their fingerprint. This is possible through the integrated wireless technology with RF. This smart lock gives you peace of mind knowing your information and home is safe.

The Back Up Plan

The power source for the SECURAM Smart Lock It is two CR2 batteries. If the batteries go out there is still another way in. A unique, high-security, physical key is included to unlock your door. Don’t worry if your smart lock’s batteries give out, or there’s an emergency. The back up key will get you in the door.

SECURAM Touch Lock

Additional Facts

The SECURAM Touch + Hub has more innovative features that make this a great addition to your home security system.

  • A list of visitor codes, access history log, and automatic relock
  • Create time-based codes — ideal for vacation rental
  • Virtual assistant compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kits
  • Its weather durability has amazing water and heat resistance.

Peace of mind knowing your home is secure with one of the best home safe locks on the market. You will know who and when APPROVED users have entered your home. SecuRam Systems, Inc. has spent over 30 years designing and perfecting their safe lock systems to insure safety, confidence, and of course peace of mind.

Check out more SECURAM Smart Lock products and details here.

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