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Self-Pamper with Gillette Venus

This post was sponsored by Gillette Venus as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Basically all of winter I have been having a dry skin moment. I desperately needed a night to just completely pamper myself and make my skin feel healthy and moisturized again. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and I feel like with this rough winter weather, it was time for a pamper night.

Shaving in the bath is the perfect time for me to relax and unwind from a busy day. Overall, I feel a lot more confident and relaxed with flawless smooth skin. All women deserve to feel this way!

I am always looking to update my skincare routine and my pamper nights are the perfect time to try something new. Recently, I tried out the new Venus Platinum Extra Smooth  and I am completely obsessed! Not only is the razor beautiful on the outside with the platinum metal handle for a total control and to mold perfectly in my hand, but also the Venus makes my skin feel extra smooth and moisturized. Not to mention that the razor was so easy to get my hands on. This is exactly what I needed to keep my shaving-needs up to date.

In addition to my many face masks, lotions, and scrubs, the Venus Platinum Extra Smooth razor is perfect to add to my pamper night routine. I’m excited to continue to use this new Gillette Venus razor!


With the brand’s first made-for-women metal handle, the razor looks luxurious but also can hold up against everyday wear and tear and provide long-lasting smooth skin. It provides a heavier, premium feel for ultimate control when shaving.

My absolute favorite part of the razor is that I find I cut myself less than with other razors because the 360-degree ribbon of moisture technology helps glide smoothly.

The Venus razor has a special “Venus Platinum Touch and Learn display” in local Target stores that you can see until April 22nd. When I saw this display, I noticed the satin chrome finish of the razor and immediately decided to pick it up. Experience the display yourself – I guarantee you will love it!

Here are a couple of other amazing benefits:

  • Advanced blade technology: 5 diamond-like coated blades for a closer shave and skin that feels extra-smooth for longer.
  • New Platinum Metallic Handle: Perfectly balanced and shaped for great control, including anti-slip texture designed for a better grip in wet conditions.
  • 360˚ Ribbon of Moisture: Premium glide technology completely surrounds blades and releases lubricants when activated by water for enhanced comfort, glide and protection.

You should visit your local Target store to pick up your own Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth! The razor can also be bought from

To find out more, get the scoop on Gillette Venus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Also feel free to check out Target on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.