7 Seriously OMG Character Storylines from “Grey’s Anatomy”

In the fifteen years since “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered, we’ve been privy to countless unexpected twists and turns. From unbelievable patient cases, to the wild lives of the staff, Shonda Rhimes’s creation has left our jaws on the floor time and time again. But today, we’re taking a look at seven of the wildest plot twists the show has had to offer over the years.

Someone tell the OR we’re on our way! These are our 7 Seriously OMG Moments:

(Warning. Serious spoilers ahead.)

1. Addison’s Arrival

We might as well start at the beginning, right? When Addison Montgomery first appeared on our screens, we were quickly shocked to realize our precious McDreamy had a wife he left behind in NYC. So yeah, Meredith Grey wasn’t the only one nearly knocked off her feet. Luckily Addie stuck around and eventually worked her way into our hearts. But that initial first meeting was a heart stopper.


2. Maggie’s Intro

Another day, another new doctor at what was then known as Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But when Kelly McCreary’s Maggie Pierce was revealed to be the lovechild of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber, our jaws just about hit the floor.


3. Denny’s Death

It’s one of the most well-known episodes of Grey’s. After the prom, we see Miranda Bailey make the announcement that Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had passed away. Leading to one of the most iconic scenes of the show, we watch a broken-hearted Izzie cling to the man she loves while our own hearts are left shattered and shocked.


4. Alex’s Exit

The announcement of Justin Chambers’ exit from the show came as a surprise. But what really threw us for a loop was the way in which he left. Saying goodbye to Meredith and the rest of the characters through letters he’d written, Alex told everyone what had happened: He was going back to Izzie and their children. (And that really took us by surprise!)


5. Derek’s Departure

This is another actor who we know was on his way out. When the iconic McDreamy was killed in a fatal car crash, we couldn’t handle it. Even more so, we quickly realize it was due to a lack of knowledge from the operating doctor that caused his fatality. Chills? Every single time.


6. Burke Walks Out

If anyone was going to bail on the wedding of Cristina Yang and the cardiothoracic surgeon, none of us would have bet on it being him. But Preston had good reason. He didn’t want to marry someone who wasn’t 100% sure. And while we totally get it, it still doesn’t take away the sting.


7. George’s fate.

One of the biggest plot-twists in the show’s history that led to the collective gasp heard around the world was when we found out… it was George. When our beloved 007 was finally revealed to be the bus crash victim in the season five finale, everything came to a standstill. To this day it gives us chills to watch Mer’s realization, running through the hospital screaming, “It’s George! It’s George!” Yeah, we’re still not okay.


So how’d we do? Narrowing down such iconic moments is a feat, so let us know in the comments what we missed!

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