Shopping Guide: Flattering Jeans for Different Body Types

Throughout the years we have seen many types of jeans come in and out of style. This year is different, all jeans are equal, and rightfully so. One style of jeans will never look right on everyone, which is why so many different styles are making a comeback. People are throwing away the belief that they have to follow trends and instead are buying clothes that suit their body type, and its about time!

However, with so many styles to choose from the pressure has switched from feeling the need to follow trends to finding what pair is right for you. Here’s the scoop on a shopping guide so that everyone can find their perfect pair!

Body Type vs Body Shape

For this shopping guide I will be focusing more on body shape rather than body type. I learned from LikeAGlove that there are three body types. The body types are, ectomorph (slim and slender), mesomorph (athletic build) and endomorph (curvy). It is important to note that you probably won’t fit into just one of these body types and most women are a combination of two.

Ultimately, your body type affects your body shape. I am going to describe each body shape and recommend a style of jeans for each, as well as where to find them. Again, you probably won’t fit one of these descriptions exactly so take advice from the one that you see yourself in the most.

Rectangle Body Shape

People with a rectangle body shape tend to have their weight evenly distributed throughout their body. Their waist is not well defined and there is not much difference in hip and waist measurements.

This body type looks amazing in low waist jeans. To add shape go for a bootcut style. For example, you can find black Bootcut Jeans and G-Star Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans at ASOS. American Eagle also have a pair of Skinny Kick Jeans that give off the same effect. Speaking of skinny jeans, try out Whitby Low Rise Skinny Jeans from ASOS to show off your figure.

rectangle body shape guide

Jeans for Pear Body Shape

Features of someone with a pear shaped body are a defined, slim waist and having weight distributed more in their bottom and legs than anywhere else. Their hips are also wider than their bust.

When shopping, look for high-rise jeans as these will show off and compliment your slim waist. A tapered leg style will show off your figure whilst simultaneously balancing it out. You can find tapered leg jeans at ASOS and Nordstrom. A pair of skinny jeans, like the ones below from ASOS and River Island will compliment your curves.

Jeans for Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, your hip and bust measurements will be nearly equal in size. You will also have a narrower waist measurement.

When picking out jeans for this body type, look for a pair that have a high waist as this will compliment your figure the most. In terms of what style would suit you best, go for a pair with a slight flare to compliment your curves. For basic flares go to American Eagle, Urban Outfitters or ASOS. To step out of your comfort zone try some Patchwork Flare Jeans, also from Urban Outfitters.

Jeans for Apple Body Shape

People with an apple body shape have a larger bust and stomach, slimmer hips and slender legs.

If you have these features it is smart to go with a mid waist to avoid looking top-heavy. A straight leg style will add balance to your figure as they add width without being too baggy. You can find straight leg jeans at ASOS and Nordstrom. If you want a more distressed look go for a pair of ASOS Straight Leg Ripped Jeans. Alternatively, for a unique look go for some Two-Color Jeans from Urban Outfitters.

Jeans for Strawberry Body Shape

People with the strawberry body shape have wide shoulders, a medium to large sized bust and slim hips.

A mid-waist fit is recommended for this body type to accentuate the hips. A pair of mom jeans will add shape to the lower half of the body to balance it out with the top half. ASOS is the place to shop for this style. To stray away from the classic style go for these Tommy Hilfiger Cargo Mom Jeans. Another option to try, for standing out of the crowd, are the Urban Bliss Embellished Mom Jeans. If you enjoy ripped jeans go for a pair of Bershka Organic Cotton Mom Jeans. Of course, if you do want to go for the classic style Pull&Bear Mom Jeans are perfect for you!

strawberry body shape jeans shopping guide

It’s important to try out new styles in order to find what suits us best. Above all, make sure you feel comfortable and confident!

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