35+ Short Matte Nail Designs

Short matte nail designs have a charm that will always be in style.

Matte nails have been a staple design for many nail enthusiasts for years and years.

Whether you’re looking for a certain color or design there’s something for everyone to try!

Get creative and have fun with matte nail polishes.

Classic Black Matte Design

Plunge yourself into chic old-school matte black gel nails, the coolest trend that never goes out of style. 

Hands with short, neatly shaped nails painted with a matte black nail polish.

This look is reminiscent of an old hollywood style. Its classic reputation elevates any simple style.

Black is one of my favorite matte nail colors because it allows you to say so much with so little.

Let this look show the world your maturity and attitude. 

This look is perfectly unpredictable with an expression teetering between both classy and edgy. Showcase your vibe with matte black nails.

Elegant Nude Matte Nails

While a classic black matte has a seductive edge, nude nails have a much softer, minimalist appeal.

Close-up of two hands with well-manicured nude, matte-finish nails on a light, textured background.

Nude matte’s versatility is also one of its many draws because it is easy to style and can be worn with anything, in any season.

One of the best aspects of nude nails is their ability to be worn with negative-space nail designs.

The nude color acts as a plain background for flashy designs and gives an illusion of floating artwork.

To enhance your nude matte experience, consider these trend-aware tips:

These tips will have your nude matte nails looking luxurious, and staying shiny, for days.

Bold Red Matte Inspiration

Matte red nails are not for the timid or shy. Let this color bring out your ferocious side and turn heads everywhere you go.

A close-up of a hand showing neatly manicured nails painted in matte red polish.

Play around with different shades of red such as rose, burgundy, Maroon, or a fiery burnt color.

Essie and OPI are both great Polish brands that have huge shade selections for you to choose from. 

Don’t forget your matte topcoat to finish your look off and ensure its longevity.

Matte red’s velvet finish is both regal and refined.

A hand with well-manicured, matte red-painted nails is shown in close-up.

Matte finishes also have a textured feel that glossy lacquers can’t compete with.

They’re also much more durable and chip significantly less.

Chic White Matte Style

Be a stylist with a pure, classic, elegant, and timeless white matte.

Close-up of hands with neatly manicured nails painted in solid white polish, resting on a textured surface.

Let your white nails be a symbol of purity and a blank canvas for your wildest imagination.

With white matte there are limitless art possibilities and your beauty is always in style. 

Let’s delve into the world of white matte, exploring its potential and maintenance.

  • White matte nails are a clean, blank slate – a perfect background for detail and intricate nail art, or perfect on its own for those who want a clean, minimalist look.
  • It’s super-easy to maintain white matte. Just give it a thick top coat of the good stuff to keep those chips and scratches at bay.
  •  Try a matte white french manicure for a sophisticated look.
  • Use white matte for a soft take on monochrome. Wear it with every outfit
Close-up of a hand displaying five fingers with neatly manicured nails painted in a solid white color.

Go with the trend, make your nails speak out for you.

Trendy Pastel Matte Look

Enter a world of pastel matte nails this season that will lift you up with the same freshness of spring.

A hand with four fingers displaying pastel-colored nails, including shades of nude, mint green, light blue, and lavender, against a blurred background.

Give your style those soft strokes of color your life was desperately missing through the winter.

With their soft hues and matte finish, these nails echo the textures of spring blossoms, making you the top Springtime trendsetter.

Wear this look for spring with perfect pastel pinks, purples, yellows, and blues. Use this look to bring out your dainty, feminine personality.

Close-up of hands with well-manicured nails painted in pastel shades of peach and mint green on a dark background.

Pick your pastel matte, and be bold, elegant, and playful.

Matte Nails With Glitter Accents

Splash some glitz on your matte look today!

Go for an eye-catching and magical look by rocking some sparkle on your matte colors.

Close-up of hands with a manicure featuring matte black and glittery silver almond-shaped nails.

Here are some innovative ways to create a stunning effect:

  • Wear one glitter accent nail between your matte nails. Subtle, but effective, too.
  • Try out a new glitter placement method. Maybe a gradient ombré along the base or tip of the nail?
  • Mix different sizes of glitter for a multidimensional look.
  • Combine matte and glitter on the same nail for a mesmerizing contrast.
  • Try a chrome nail for an accent. Why not sparkle AND shine?

Floral Design on Matte Nails

Convert your fingertips into a canvas of botanical artistry. Shape and color your petals to create stunning multicolored florals

Floral matte maintenance is key if you want your designs looking fresh and colorful for longer periods of time.

Make sure to top up regularly and layer with a good top coat

The choices of seasonal flowers can help you stay up-to-date with trends and keep your nail art current.

In spring, go for pastel blossoms. During the summer, opt for sunflowers.

In the fall, you might enjoy muted marigolds, and in winter, you will want to capture delicate snowflakes on your nails.

Geometric Patterns Matte Nails

Step into the world of geometric patterns on matte nails and you’ll begin to understand precision, symmetry, and modernity.

The starting point for all components of geometric nail art are patterns.

This design genre offers a new way to present nail art in a minimal and chic rather than intricate and flashy form. Go for neon colors for this one.

Remember, if you want the status of a real nail artist, you need to know how to properly maintain your looks.

Geometric patterns make a sophisticated addition to matte nails, so feel free to experiment! 

Ombre Style Matte Designs

For someone who is looking for something different, ombre style matte lets you explore the various looks you can get while blending two or more colors.

Close-up of hands with manicured nails featuring a gradient design transitioning from light pink at the base to dark gray at the tips.

Gradient blending techniques are the focus here, as each nail becomes a canvas of a miniature composition.

You don’t even have to go to a nail studio to get this manicure anymore.

With practice, you can master the art of blending. One color should flow into the next. Then just add your matte top coat.

Try this style with several nail shapes, but I love the way this looks on my natural nails.

If you’re daring enough to rock something bold in ombre matte nails, go for it, but even a soft, sunset-inspired transition can make a fashion statement. 

Matte Nails With French Tips

Classic French Manicures are always timelessly fashionable

Hands with neatly manicured short nails featuring a classic French manicure, with white tips and a natural pink base, resting on a dark surface.

You can get the matte look and never have to worry about being out of style. 

Consider these stylish French Tip Variations for your next salon visit:

A close-up of a hand with neat French manicured nails, showcasing pink nail beds with white tips.

Metallic Touch on Matte Nails

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to matte nails, French tips are a good way to do it.

Want to spruce up your matte mani with more of a glam rock feel?

Make it metallic. No one will forget that swipe of metallic on your matte manicure.

A close-up of hands resting on a surface, displaying manicured nails with a matte finish in shades of metallic orange and bronze.

Take a metallic hue and cover it in matte varnish and you have something bold, yet understated: the ultimate nail art contradiction. 

Imagine jet-black nail art with a hint of gold or silver, or matte maroon with a dash of bronze.

Experimenting with metallic accents on matte nails is an adventurous take on an otherwise tried-and-true matte look. 

It’s just a touch of glam to decorate your diy matte look.

Animal Print Matte Nail Design

Let your inner animal loose and take your chance with some animal print matte nail designs.

Animal print will give you the edge and the buzz you crave while maintaining a touch of elegant sophistication.

Consider the following options for your next nail art adventure:

  • Zebra matte aesthetics: Black-and-white patterning, especially combined with a matte finish, feels edgy.
  • Leopard print variations: From subtle to bold, these variations can cater to every taste.
  • Tortoise shell patterns: Great design with a matte spin for your vintage look.
  • Cow print: As an up-and-coming trend, this is a fun and innovative choice.

The result is that, with these designs, you are wearing your personality on your fingertips.

Let your nails roar with a little something extra.

Two-Tone Matte Nail Trend

Stepping away from animal prints, the two-toned matte-nails trend presents a minimalist but equally dramatic alternative.

This trend embraces the elegance of simplicity, and then introduces a smart contrast of two colors.

The difference in the matte and glossy texture is very noticeable, with a great mixture of shiny surfaces and flat textures.

To maintain your velvety matte mani, you’ll need to check frequently that it’s in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, matte nail polish won’t show any wear and tear. It’s ideal for the busy gal.

These mismatched finishes will have you rolling with the in-crowd.

Matte Nails With Rhinestone Details

Rhinestones are an excellent example of how the trend for matte nails can be taken one step further to look even better.

Matte nails themselves are so understated, and yet they work wonderfully well when blinged up with rhinestones.

To truly embrace this trend:

  • Explore different rhinestone shapes. From classic rounds to edgy squares, your options are endless.
  • Make your point. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one rhinestone or a whole cluster. Get it in the right place. 
  • Wear with other matte shades. The rhinestones and matte are truly a match made in heaven.
  • Experiment with patterns. Don’t be afraid to create designs that reflect your style.

This fusion of matte and bling is the epitome of modern nail artistry.

Matte Nail Art for Holidays

When Holidays are around the corner, it is the perfect time to bring your inner designer out with matte nail art designs for the festive season.

If you are looking for something different for your nails for the holidays, Holiday matte nails might be perfect for you.

Hands with a matte manicure featuring alternating green and red polished nails.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve, there’s a matte to suit the season. 

Paint a red or green matte basecoat for Christmas, and then cover it in snowflakes.

Cool blue hues are stunning for Hanukkah, add silver for extra sparkle.

As for New Year’s matte designs, they are all about sparkle and shine, so start with matte black and add lots of metallic details.

Your Nails Matte-er

Now you know. You’ve seen the magic of matte transitions, from black to pastels and everything in between.

You’ve seen how to glam up an outfit with red, how to take your classiness up a notch with white, and how to dot a manicure with some dazzling rhinestones

Whether it’s a two-tone or an animal print, there is a matte style to suit your mood and fit for every occasion.

Let your nails reveal your personality as a trendsetter and a fashion icon.

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