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The Silk’n Not Shaven Revolution

I tend to take very quick showers. Most of the time, I spend less than twenty minutes in the shower! It’s not because I don’t spend enough time getting clean and it’s not because I don’t enjoy a nice shower. It’s because I turn up the shower incredibly hot while most people probably keep their shower at a more moderate temperature. So when I have to shave, it changes my shower routine completely. Because when adding shaving almost doubles the amount of time you are spending in the shower, you try to avoid shaving for as long as you can!


Just for the record, this is not the way to go! I can promise you! Who wants to plan their outfits around whether or not they had time to shave? The answer is nobody. For those of you who do not shave, whether it’s because you don’t want to or don’t have to, shaving is a pain. I seem to always struggle when shaving my legs. First, you have to balance. Then there is all this leaning and making sure you have gotten every spot. Whoever invented this process probably never thought about how clumsy some people (like me) can be while standing on a slippery surface! And don’t even get me started on the awkwardness that is shaving your armpits…

I shouldn’t have to decide between having smooth skin or being able to save time! I feel cleaner and more confident when I have shaved legs, but I’m also a functioning adult who doesn’t have all the time in the world to spend. That’s when I decided to be Silk’n, not shaven!


Silk’n Flash&Go Express is not just a fun thing to say ten times fast, but it’s also something that can help save us all time! It’s a light-based way of removing hair that results in some permanent smoothness! Sound too good to be true? Think again!

Think of this as an investment. It works simply: shave the area that you want the hair removed from, use the Flash&Go Express by letting it pulsate energy, give it some time for your hair to allow and absorb the pigment in the hair shaft, and then enjoy less hair growth in your future.

14089261_10101167328771151_1906464609462836251_nIt’s just that easy! It works by targeting those horrible hairs that are growing more than the others and destroying them. After doing a few of the treatments, you will no longer have to shave as much and you will see less hair growth all together! It can work on all sorts of areas. Plus, you can forget about razor burn and ingrown hairs for good. Be stubble-free forever!



All in all, there’s just one more thing to ask: Do you want to keep removing unwanted hair the old fashioned way or do you want to move onto the technology that the 21st century has? The choice is yours, but I have a feeling that you’re all up for some of that Silk’n beautiful technology!

Home Skinovations Ltd, the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use, is a private company with a mission to develop, manufacture and sell the safest and most effective consumer devices. Their team of skilled scientists, engineers and business executives has a successful record of introducing innovative light, laser and LED based products to the global aesthetic devices market. The Silk’n family of at home products has over 4 million users world-wide.

Home Skinovations manufactures the Gilde, Flash&Go and SensEpil at home permanent hair removal devices. Silk’n has won recognition for Best Laser Hair Removal, Product of the Year – Hair Removal, and Product of the Year – Anti-Aging.
Silk’n products are sold in the following stores: Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohl’s, Ulta, and select Target locations.
Visit the Silk’n website for more information and join the Silk’n not shaven revolution today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.