Simple Blogging Tips That Have Huge Success

by Sarah Ruhlman
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The world is full of bloggers, and each of them is churning out posts, sometimes literally by the dozen every week. Standing out in a world like that is a challenge. 

It’s worth pointing out that blogging isn’t just about excellent writing. Sure, you can create a post that would score full marks on a grammar test, and it might be more engaging than a New York Times column, but the success of your blog is also about context. 

This concept is often something that’s lost on the majority of bloggers. The idea is that the blog itself is enough to excite the reader’s interest when often it’s not. You could have an engaging, witty title, beautiful prose and great use of structure and yet, your blog falls flat. Why? 

Look At Instagram If You Want A Clue For How To Blog


It’s interesting that a social media site like Instagram can have so much success. The photo-based platform was actually something of a late-comer to the social media space and was bought by Facebook in 2011 before it began enjoying substantial success. 

The platform is incredibly popular but surprisingly text-free. Yes, you get the odd hashtag here and there, but for the most part its all about pictures. 

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. We know from studies of human evolution that things like speech and vision are natural, innate factors, but writing isn’t. It took us thousands of years to create a writing system, and it’s something that many people struggle to do today. It’s why great writing is so rare. It’s tough. 

Your blog, therefore, should include elements from Instagram and similar social media sites. Nobody is saying that you should ditch text – there’s a lot you can’t say with pictures. But there’s a strong case to be made that you might want to incorporate more of them. 

Successful Blogs Get The Message Out


There’s also the practical matter of getting the message out. Writing great articles is certainly a start, but often the most successful blogs aren’t those with the best writing, but those that are best at SEO. A team of fairly average writers, with the right web design, can often create a killer blog that takes over the internet and snowballs. Once you’ve got one authority site interested in your content, the rest usually follow suit. 

Web design, therefore, is a critical factor in the success of your writing. It’s akin to having a good publisher in the past. You need something that knows how to connect with your target audience in the right way and get them interested. The content of what you create matters, but the form that it takes can be pivotal. Dense paragraphs are a big no-no, as are slow-loading pages. If you want to gain more considerable acclaim, then a smooth, digital experience is paramount. 

Writing phenomenal blog posts is your bread and butter. But it’s part of a much larger picture. You need good blog posts, but they’re rarely sufficient to guarantee success. 

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