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Simple Ways To Save On Your Cable Bill

TV! Most of us can’t live without it. After all, we have our favorite shows, and in many cases, whole communities with podcasts, Patreons, and Facebook pages have sprung up around them. Unfortunately, paying out for cable TV every month can get pretty expensive. In fact, you can quickly amass a bill of over $1000 for 12 months. Happily, there are some tactics you can use to get your daily TV fix but also save on your cable bill. Read ion to find out what they are. 

Save on your cable bill by using other services like Disney Plus
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Audit your channel use 

First off, if you want to save on your cable bill, it’s a good idea to take a look at the shows and channels you watch regularly. You will probably find that there are many channels you don’t watch very much at all. This is significant because cable packages are usually charged based on the channels you access. Therefore if there are only a few you need, you can negotiate with your provider and get your cable bill down. 

Consider leaving or switching your cable provider 

A more extreme option is to consider stopping your cable service together or switch to another provider. In fact, at this stage, you only need to think about rather than act on this. The idea is that if you call your cable company and let them know, they will offer you a more favorable package to stay. 

This is standard practice and can mean that you keep the same challenges as you have now and pay less. Alternatively, you may even be able to negotiate for more at the same price! 

Streaming alternatives 

Some people actually do find that it’s cheaper to give up cable TV altogether and invest in a different method of access to the shows and content they want. There are two options here, including streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, or multi-channel services like Youtube prime and Hulu (great for reality TV fans!). The latter only allows you to access content for a multitude of sources. While the former only show programs and films they have produced or bought. 

Sadly, these types of services do not come from free. Although there is another option to consider as well, which is known as IPTV, otherwise known as internet protocol TV. This works via a streaming device and can allow the user access to a massive amount of content online. The good news is that you can access this IPTV setup guide to find out more about this option. Not to mention the fact that it could save you a whole bunch of money each month! 

Use channel-specific apps 

Finally, if you are looking to catch your favorite shows and don’t have to pay a thing, do not forget that channel-specific apps can work well. Many people download a channel’s apps and then get access to the last 2-3 episodes of their favorite show. 

The only downside of this being that they tend to only be available for a certain amount of time. Therefore, even though they are free, you will have to be punctual with your acting schedule; otherwise, you could miss one! 

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Jane S.

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

IPTV Firestick sounds like a nice option to watch different shows and movies.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.