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One The Set of the ABC TV Show “Single Parents” #SingleParents #ABCTVEvent

Sometimes I seriously have to pinch myself when I start writing these posts.  There was a day I only dreamed of getting to be on the set of a popular television show and now I’m sharing two back to back posts about different ABC shows that I got to take set visits on.  For anyone who has a wild and crazy dream all I have to say is go after it.  Okay, now back to why you are really here. 😉 If you ready my post yesterday you saw I was On the Set of the ABC TV Show – The Rookie, now I’ve got the scoop on what it was like being on set of the ABC TV Show – Single Parents.

About Single Parents

Single Parents is a hilarious show about not only family, but also friendship and the value friends can add to your life.  It is about a group of single parents form their own support system as they raise their kids and struggle to start new relationships. I find it to be the perfect mix of humor and life lessons.

This ensemble comedy follows a group of single parents as they lean on each other to help raise their 7-year-old kids and maintain some kind of personal lives outside of parenthood.  The series begins when the group meets Will Cooper, a 30-something guy who’s been so focused on raising his daughter that he’s lost sight of who he is as a man. When the other single parents see just how far down the rabbit hole of PTA, parenting and princesses Will has gone, they band together to get him out in the world and make him realize that being a great parent doesn’t mean sacrificing everything about your own identity.

SINGLE PARENTS – ABC’s “Single Parents” stars Kimrie Lewis as Poppy, Leighton Meester as Angie, Jake Choi as Miggy, Taran Killam as Will, and Brad Garrett as Douglas. (ABC/F. Scott Schafer)

The series stars Taran Killam as Will Cooper, Leighton Meester as Angie D’Amato, Kimrie Lewis as Poppy Banks, Jake Choi as Miggy Park, Marlow Barkley as Sophie Cooper, Tyler Wladis as Graham D’Amato, Devin Trey Campbell as Rory Banks, Mia Allan as Emma Fogerty, Ella Allan as Amy Fogerty and Brad Garrett as Douglas Fogerty.

On Set Experience

Being on set of Single Parents was so fun.  The cast was just as friendly as they appear on the show. Jake Choi who plays “Miggy Park,” joined us on the set visit tour and was excited to join along to share fun stories from the set. Jason Winer, the executive producer also led the tour.  It was really fun seeing the cast interacting with each other on set.  This was definitely a group that gets along well.

I thought it was interesting hearing about the child stars on this show.  They mentioned how there are strict rules about the hours worked for the children.  Therefore the children are very professional at work (of course they still have fun, too!).

What I always find most surprising about set visits is how much they utilize the space.  You can see all of my photos below that I took while I was on set.  As you can see many of these rooms are utilized for more than one scene and they really do a great job of making rooms seem huge.   I think the tall ceilings and lights play a big role in this.

On Set Photos (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Or watch the video…

SINGLE PARENTS (airs Wednesdays at 9:30|8:30c on ABC; also available streaming and on demand)

Tonight’s Episode Details:

SINGLE PARENTS – “The Beast” – Will encourages Angie to rediscover her passion for heavy metal music by taking a guitar class, and in turn, Angie insists that Will get back in the field covering weather by driving both of them into a storm. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang explore their romantic passions as Douglas pursues his crush on Big Red with the help of Miggy, and Poppy feels an instant connection with a dreamy musician, on an all-new episode of “Single Parents,” WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28 (9:31-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network

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