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10 Sitcom Couples That Make Us Believe in Love

Watching sitcoms is a great way to ease the tension of the day. Many sitcoms also have great couples, who are usually more engaging and less problematic than the ones you see on television dramas. Here are our picks for the top ten sitcom couples in more recent years that make us believe in love. Caution, spoilers concerning the fate of fictional couples lie ahead.

1. Jake and Amy

Jake and Amy are never on-again, off-again on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The steadiness of their relationship is refreshing to see, as so many other shows break up couples when they run out of ideas for new episodes. Throughout the series, their relationship develops as the characters themselves develop. We love their competitiveness during Halloween heists, how Amy gets Jake into Harry Potter, and the fact that they dressed as Holly Gennero and Melvil Dewey during their honeymoon.

2. Chidi and Eleanor

The Good Place brings a whole new meaning to the concept of soulmates. Eleanor’s assigned soulmate, Chidi, helps teach her how to become a better person because she was put into The Good Place by mistake. They fall in love repeatedly throughout the series, working hard to stay together every time a demon or Judge Gen resets their reality. They prove Michael’s theory, which is that soulmates aren’t found, they’re made.

3. Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess’s relationship described in one word: passionate. From the first episode of New Girl, we saw a spark between the gruff flannel-wearing bartender and the quirky teacher with a lot of pajama sets. Opposites definitely attract in this case. These two roommates are so adorkable, we love watching all the shenanigans they get up to in the loft.

4. David and Patrick

Patrick didn’t appear on the show till season three of Schitt’s Creek, but he quickly became a fan favorite. While David isn’t usually into guys like Patrick, he finds himself falling for his business partner big time. We love to see how happy these two make each other, as they balance each other out perfectly. Our hearts for sure melted when Patrick serenaded David to a Tina Turner song.

5. Leslie and Ben

We love them, and we like them. Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation are another example of a healthy on-screen couple. Leslie is optimistic and extremely driven to help the citizens of Pawnee, so she needed someone just as politically motivated and kind-hearted to help make the city a better place. We would love to see either of them as president one day with the other at their side.

6. Jim and Pam

You can’t have a list of the best sitcom couples without bringing up Jim and Pam. Their relationship on The Office is a core element of the series. The “will they won’t they” plotline captivated fans for the first few seasons. Every doe-eyed look they gave the other drove us crazy. Luckily, they finally got together. Whoever said dating co-workers is a bad idea obviously hasn’t watched a sitcom before.

7. Monica and Chandler

While Ross and Rachel are the more famous couple from Friends, it’s Monica and Chandler that have the best relationship on the show. Chandler and Monica prove that sometimes the greatest romances are based on friendship. These two characters thought their love life was DOA, but they ended up finding what they were looking for right across the hall.

8. Holt and Kevin

Holt and Kevin are one of the other great couples on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jake describes Holt as a “robot captain” with no emotion, but his husband Kevin disproves that nickname. While the way they express their love could be seen as dull, it’s actually romantic, showing how much they understand one other. Their relationship is as strong as their love for their dog, Cheddar.

9. Luke and Lorelai

The bubbly young mother and the grumpy diner owner who live in the idyllic small town of Stars Hollow are made for each other. Luke is there for Lorelai and Rory no matter what, and Lorelai makes Luke smile like no one else can. Gilmore Girls fans often fight on which guy is better for Rory, but most fans can agree that Luke and Lorelai belong together. We can’t imagine their lives without the other person in it.

10. Barney and Robin

Barney and Robin from the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, are a lot alike and they help the other overcome their fear of commitment. Their chemistry is off the charts, whether they’re playing laser tag or performing an incredible impromptu dance number at a wedding. While we didn’t get quite the ending we wanted for these two, their relationship was legend…wait for it…dary.

Sitcoms are a reliable source to go to for a laugh, but they also are a place to turn to when you need to believe in love.

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