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6 Places to Donate Your Spring Cleaning Goods

Spring is here and even though the weather outside might not know which season it is yet, I know that you sure do! Whether it’s too hot out or too cold, it’s still spring. And do you know what that means? It’s time for you (and me) to do some spring cleaning!


There are plenty of places for you to donate all the stuff you decide to get rid of. Here is my list of six places you may not have thought of:

The Public Library

I love to read, but that also means that I tend to hoard books. I buy books for myself and people are always giving me books and bookstore gift cards as gifts. This process has resulted in a lot of overflowing book shelfs for me! It might be difficult to give up books, but knowing that there are people out there getting to enjoy the same stories you once enjoyed makes it easier. Go through your books and give up the ones that don’t really mean as much to you. Take the books to your local public library and those stories will be shared for years!

Dress for Success

This is a great not-for- profit organization to give to! The main focus of Dress for Success is to empower women by helping them achieve economic success. Dress for Success is always accepting donations for women’s professional clothing in order to provide women with clothes to wear to job interviews. A lot of our closets are always full of clothing when most of us usually only wear half of the items in it. Find the clothes in your closet that are professional and that you hardly wear and donate to Dress for Success! They have locations all over the world!

Animal Shelters

If you have a pet, there is a chance you have bought them a bunch of toys they don’t play with. It’s time for your pet to do some spring cleaning too! There are so many animal shelters in need of things. It might be hard to think about giving away some of your pet’s stuff because we all love our pets, but there is also a lot of animals without a lot of love who could use some comfort. And even if you don’t have any pets, there are still ways to donate! Call your local animal shelter and see what they need today. You would be surprised about the type of things you already have that an animal shelter might need!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This is an organization that does a lot for kids. For children who need a good role model or need help learning about their true potential, this is the best place to go! But, did you know that Big Brothers Big Sisters also needs donations? They will accept all types of donations from clothing, to household items, to media, and everything else in between! Because not only does Big Brothers Big Sisters help kids, but they also help their families! This is a great place to donate multiple items t

Underprivileged Schools

From elementary schools all the way to high schools, there is always a need for school supplies! A lot of the time, teachers end up spending their own money out of pocket to buy supplies for their students. And not only is that just not fair, it’s also usually still not even enough. If you have a lot of office or art supplies you don’t use, see if a school needs it! Furthermore, teachers have insight on their students. There might be specific students who need a little extra help. See if you can give just more than supplies!


We see the stores everywhere, but that makes it succumb to being considered just that: a store. Goodwill is so much more than that though. They take donations for all sorts of things like furniture, jewelry, dishware, and a whole lot more! Most of Goodwill’s revenue goes into helping people with disabilities and other problems gain employment and also help with training them. So, when you thrift, thrift for a good cause (and help with donations too through your spring cleaning)!

I know it might be easier to just throw everything into a dumpster when you’re spring cleaning. That being said, just remember there are a lot of places out there that you could really help, just by giving them your old stuff!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.