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6 Reasons You Should Own The Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer

If you have not yet heard of the Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer, you are seriously missing out.   As some of you may remember I have had this machine for a few months and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.  This thing is jam-packed with amazing features, which makes it stand out among other workout machines. In order to convince you even further about this machines abilities, I have come up with six amazing reasons why the Nordic Track X11i should have a place in your home–ASAP.


1. Incline training is incredibly beneficial to your health. 

This trainer can reach an incline of 40% and out of all of the treadmills sold today, this is the only one to reach that height. Walking on an incline burns more calories and is a more efficient way to achieve a healthy body.

To learn more about the benefits of incline training, refer back to one of our previous articles, “5 Benefits of Incline Training.”


2. There is a decline feature.

With the Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer, you also have the ability to reach a 6% decline. This simulates real-life terrain and targets muscle groups you would not usually be able to reach on a normal treadmill.

3. It comes with a 10″ touch screen. 

This isn’t just any touch screen, it is web enabled and in full color. This means you can catch up on your Facebook timeline or update your Twitter followers, all while getting a great workout! Surfing the web has never been this healthy.

4. It’s iFit enabled. 

Not only can you browse your favorite websites on the built in screen, but you can also have access to iFit technology. iFit gives you unique training programs, the ability to customize workouts and tailor them to meet your specific goals, and lets you simulate real-life runs with Google Maps. This feature does require an iFit membership, but it really does bring the Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer to its full potential and revolutionizes your workouts.

5. You have the freedom to choose. 

Whether you wake up in the morning feeling like you can sprint miles upon miles that day, or wake up wanting to have a more low-key workout, the Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer can accommodate. You can utilize the treadmill’s ability to reach 12 MPH and get a run in, or use the inclining feature to walk instead, but still get just as good a workout.13775371_10101141949681051_543817407925381642_n

6. It is built well.

Though this may seem like a more boring fact, it really is an important one to consider. The Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer is made with an extra-long tread belt thats specifically tailored withstand mile after mile, which is a first for incline trainers. It also has a strong motor and comes with competitive warranties. The overall design is sleek, easy to use, and built to last a really long time.


So, as you can see, the Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer is unlike any other workout machine on the market. You will not get a better workout with anything else on the market, so go get your Nordic Track X11i Incline Trainer today.


Disclosure: I received product for review. However, all opinions are my own.  #SponsoredbyNordicTrack

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