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Smart Ways To Find A Job During The Pandemic

The present COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented level of employment freezes, suspended bonuses, and downsizing in clinical training funds and earnings. The relative decrease in inpatient volumes means less patients are visiting the doctor in person. As the threat of a new wave of infections grows, the uncertainty has led to a halt in hiring, with research revealing that physician employment recorded a 30% drop due to the virus’ impact. However, it’s widely believed that there’s still some job security in the medical industry. What does that mean for you? Here are four tips for finding employment during the pandemic.  

  1. Pay more attention to your CV and cover letter

Your CV and cover letter can play a significant role in impressing any employer, especially as the job market becomes more competitive. Therefore, it’s essential to pay close attention to the details to help you develop a solid profile. You can get started by sharing it with your mentors and colleagues for feedback and corrections. 

It’s best to adapt your cover letter to every specific institution, especially up to three of your primary choices. Feature any connection you may have in the area or institution, like family, or perhaps your solid relationship with the city in your introductory letter. Likewise, it would help if you optimized your CV to make it more visible to potential employers. 

  1. Emphasize compensation, not money

While it’s significant that you look for reasonable and fair pay, remember to compare with positions around your area and factor that into your negotiations. This step could be a bit sensitive looking at the current job cuts attributable to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, it may be advisable to consider buy-down negotiations, total shifts and number of hours each night. Additionally, you can consider working a second job, CME funds, and recognized titles. These can increase your position value without causing any friction with even the most finance-conscious hiring managers.

  1. Find the right recruitment platform

Recruitment platforms help businesses and hiring teams attract and source suitable candidates. Like many employment agencies, these platforms provide various highlights to simplify recruitment efforts and find the ideal fit for organizations. 94% of hiring professionals and recruiters in a survey indicated that using a recruitment software and platform positively impacted their hiring process. However, finding the right one is essential for a successful hire since every forum differs and may be geared towards particular sectors. For instance, Practice Match may have a lot of openings for endocrinologists, while other platforms may have limited scope. 

  1. Prepare for remote interviews

Remote interviewing is gradually becoming the norm. As such, now is the best time to perfect your virtual abilities to present yourself well during interviewing either via a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. You may need to find out how your setting contributes to video interviews, how comfortable you are with tech, and perhaps your body language awareness. It’s also advisable to test drive your virtual discussions with the many available software. This way, you can check whether you’re too loud or quiet and check for any time lags to help limit any interruption during the interview.

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Saturday 22nd of May 2021

As an employer, I found it very hard to hire people after the pandemic around May 2021 for my online business due to the high unemployment compensation due to the federal and state programs. In my area of Southern California, minimum wages start at $17.50 per hour. I can see $19.00 to $20.00 per hour around August of this year for the same type of work.

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