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Are Your Social Media Habits Unhealthy? 6 Things to Think About

Everyone loves updating their preferred social media pages! It’s just the world we live in now. It’s pretty strange for someone to not use at least one social media platform these days! There are probably those type of people living out there, probably under some rock, but we all use social media for the most part. Social media is great! There are some habits though that aren’t the healthiest when it comes to using social media. Learn about these six unhealthy social media habits in order to keep yourself in check!


Social media has played into the “me, me, me” part of people. If you want to brag about yourself, make the whole world about you, and over compliment yourself without a second thought, then social media is a great place to get away with it! Unfortunately, that only makes you think that the whole world actually does revolve around you. If you find yourself posting every thought you have every hour of the day, expecting people to always read what you write, then maybe take a break. The world doesn’t revolve around you! Even if social media feeds into that part of yourself.


If you find yourself over obsessing over who has seen your posts, then it might be time to cool it. Needing other people to find what you do to be worth liking is ridiculous! If you like it, that’s all the matters. Finding yourself questioning if your Facebook is working when you aren’t getting any notifications on a picture you just posted shouldn’t be something that ever crosses your mind. Go outside, hang out with people you actually like! Your loved ones are the ones you should be conversing with, not some random people you might not know that well or even at all!


We all do it. We break up with someone and we check their pages from time to time. We hear about this one person getting hired at work and want to learn about who this person really is. At heart, we really are all kind-hearted creepers. Social media stalking becomes a problem though when we become obsessed with it! You shouldn’t stalk that ex of yours more than a few times after you break up and only out of curiosity once you move on. If you’re doing it all the time, you’re not moving on! It goes for any sort of example: too much is too much! Plus, you’ll be judging someone based on only part of who they are all the time. It just isn’t good.


Comparing yourself to people in real life can make you feel so bad about yourself. But doing it online can be even worse! With all the Photoshop and filters out there, pictures are becoming less real. When you are looking at someone’s profile, they are showing you only the part of them that they want you to see! Real life can the same, but real life has more… well, realness. If you find yourself feeling bad about yourself because someone else is doing great, it’s time to shut off that computer! You are beautiful, wonderful, and great! Don’t let yourself think otherwise due to your unhealthy social media habit!


Social media is a great place to go to if you have some social anxiety! It allows you to open up in a more comfortable setting. That being said, you need to maintain balance. If you are using social media as your only place to socialize, then this is a bad habit that is only making your anxiety worse whether you realize it or not! You need to know yourself outside of the computer world and how you socialize in real life situations!


Like before, being comfortable can make things easier. Sometimes we take it too far though. Being able to gage someone else’s reaction is important! The internet has turned us into cruel creatures. We can criticize, judge, and mock anyone from behind our computer screens because we don’t have to see their reactions. To solve this unhealthy habit, just remember that everyone is human and your words can result in horribly bad karma!

Social media is fun to use, but just remember that there are some unhealthy habits that you need to watch out for!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.