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Spice Up Your Style Follow Up

Hey my little fashion lovers!  Did anyone take my challenge and include my 5 tips to adding some spice to your style?  I took the challenge and made it a point to spice up my looks.

As a reminder here are the 5 tips.  You can also check out my previous post for more information.


1.  Be Bold.  You can easily complete a plain look with a statement necklace or bold piece of jewerly.  You could easily wear the same dress multiple times, but by changing up a bold statement necklace it will look like you have a few different outfits.

Result: Check out the statement necklace I purchased to add to my wardrobe.  How adorable is this going to look with a summer dress?

2. Watch It.  Lately, I have been obsessing over the newest watches out there.  I think watches are a wonderful signature piece for any wardrobe.  They are a classic staple and add a classic look to any style.

Result: I have been so in love with this new watch.  I have worn it with just about every outfit I have worn over the last week and keep getting compliments.  Plus, its nice to know what time it is. 😉  I went with animal print and it seems to go with just about everything.  Animal print really is becoming the new neutral.

3. Make a statement.  I love the look of colored cords.  I think they can really take a plain tee or simple top and dress it up.  There are so many fun colors out this spring.  They can easily spice up your style when you wear them in place of your go to blue jeans.

Result: I purchased a pair of green, blue and red pants.  They are absolutely perfect for spring.  I have worn them with color coordinating tops and also plain white tee’s, either way the look is complete.

4. Ring Bling.  An easy way to add a little spice to your style can be as simple as adding some bling to your fingers.

Result: I dug out those rings I usually purchase on impulse and started wearing them.  My favorite is one that looks similar to the one Kristen Stewart wears in twilight.  I discovered what a simple way rings are to spice up an outfit.

5. Shade Your Style.  One of my all time favorite things about the spring and summer is the SUN! I think the sunlight just puts everyone in a great mood and of course one of the best accessories is sunglasses.  You can really spice up your style when you add different types of shades.  Plus, they protect your eyes.  I love it when fashion is beneficial, too. :)

Result: For my first new addition I picked up a pair of aviators.  Absolutely, love them.  Sunglasses really make a difference not only in the way you look, but they just give you natural confidence.

This spice up your style transformation really made me feel great.  I think it is so important to update your style and add fun to it.  By updating and changing a few things about your look, I guarantee you will feel not only more stylish, but also more confident in the way you look and present yourself.  If you took my challenge I would love to hear which tip you did and how it helped you!

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